Just been diagnosed with DCIS

Hi everyone, just been diagnosed with dcis after being told that it was calcium spots,then the area was tiny now it’s double the size and quite honestly I’m terrified! I’ve been told 3 times different things and the bad news just keeps escalating.  My appointment last week with the surgeon and breast nurse left me feeling like it nothing!! I was rushed in and felt like they were talking so fast to get me done so the next one could go in it was awful, and the breast nurse doesn’t seek supportive or helpful at all, I’m going back today so I’m hoping I feel different about her but my options are a mastectomy a lumpectomy or because the area is large and I have big breasts a bilateral breast reduction. My surgery is 10th April and I’m terrified I have no idea what to do! Part of me thinks reduction but how long would the healing process take I have to have 15 sessions of radiotherapy and he said he may have to go back in if the margins aren’t big enough! I feel so alone with no confidence in the breast nurse and not sure about the surgeon!!

If you go for a mastectomy they will get it all. If you go for a lumpectomy they may need to re-operate if the margins aren’t clear. If you have large breasts then they may offer reduction of the other breast. If you are planning on having no reconstruction, there is a facebook group called flatfriends which is really helpful. I went for a mastectomy because I couldn’t face the idea of further surgery if the margins weren’t clear - good decision as it turned out as it was bigger than they thought.  All the best

Hi Annbow

I was in the same situation as you in January, the breast nurse really not supportive and rushed in and out, when all that you need is a bit of time to be talked through the journey you are about to embark.

I had dcis and a Mastectomy with reduction to the other side which was recommended with immediate reconstruction.

I am now 4 weeks post surgery and have driven for the first time today which I could not have imagined 3 weeks ago.It is hard to have both sides done together but it is only one op and you come out equal sizes and I am glad I went for that option and apart from an infection to my new breast which my GP saw me immediately and prescribed antibiotics all has been very doable .

This site has been amazing and I have felt very supported by the wonderful breast nurses at the end of the phone when I had no one else to ask.

All the very best in what you decide to do.

Annie 55



Hi Ann

Welcome to the forum. 

It is such a difficult decision especially when your head is all over the place. 

I opted for the lumpectomy and although my lump had grown and was bigger than expected, I still had clear margins. When they talk about margins, it is the same for everyone. 

I think what you need to consider, is how you want to feel or look in the long term. Any surgery takes a while to heal, but it doesn’t take too long in the scheme of things. I wanted to look the same  on the outside as I possibly could after it all. And I think I achieved that.

People can advise, but ultimately you have to decide what’s right for you. 

Best wishes 

Sue x