Just been diagnosed with local recurrence. CT this week

I’m new to this site. Fist diagnosed in 2005 WLI, chemo, radio, Armidex. Discharged from clinic in Oct 2010. Now local recuurence waiting for CT this wed to see if its spread!

I think I need someone to sound off too, and any advice would be appreciated!

Since going for my biopsy three weeks ago, I have had a very sore boob, arm and I have also developed this dry cough and a bit of a wheeze! I am now paranoid that it has spread to my lung, both lumps have been right against my chest wall, can it go into the lung like this?

I originally had only one out of 11 nodes affected. My cancer was grade 2.

Anyone who could share there experiences or give advice please do


sorry you are back on the treadmill again

I was first Dx 2007 and have just been Dx with local recurrance in the chest wall

I hope your staging results are positive for you

Take care

Hi Bmte324

Please feel free to call our helpline for further support and information at this worrying time, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000.

Take care


I can totally sympathize with you and know what you mean about needing to sound off. I was first diagnosed in 2003, discharged from the onc in April 2010 and then diagnosed with a primary recurrence and bone mets in Aug 2010. I did and still do feel incredibly angry about it but I’m not sure if it’s justified or who I should be angry with. I somehow feel it should have been picked up before it was, given that I was kept under the oncologist for much longer than usual, nearly 8 years, and was regularly examined, had mamo’s and blood tests, etc.

Feel free to pm me if you want to talk about anything or if there is any practical advice I can give you about treatments, etc.


hi there

Sorry to hear it’s back for you too.

I had a primary 2004, regional recurrence 2010. Do you know your treatment plan so far? Will you have more surgery?

I had lymph sampling first time and WLE, so this time had mx and lymph clearance.

I also became paranoid about a cough I had, had MRI scan, cough turned out to be nothing to do with cancer at all. It was really frightening, especially as the oncologist seemed suspicious of the cough too.

Let me know how you’re getting on with treatment. I’ve had chemotherapy, halfway through extensive radiation, started tamoxifen a couple of weeks ago.

xx Jane

xxx Jane

Thank you for the comments. Had results for CT scan and as far as they could see they are clear, had mastectomy on 11th feb and now wItting to see oncologist to discuss any further treatment.

Cough has now disappeared so assume not related to BC. Surgeon has said local recurrence so not sure what that means with further treatment. I’ve already had fec chemotherapy, radiotherapy and 5 years on arimedex!

Has any one any ideas? I am now terrified it will come back again or have spread somewhere else they didn’t scan, like my head, perhaps I’m paranoid but it is so frightening.

At least by reading on this forum you realize you are not the only one, I do belong to a support group buy it is fairly small and I am the only one who has had recurrence.

I really appreciate the comments,


Hi Bmte324

I have sent you a personal message.

Hi Bmte

not had a local recurrence but did have a contra-lateral new primary 3 years after 1st cancer.

in respect of your fears of spread this doesnt sound like the case if your staging scans are clear… sometimes a microscopic cell is still within the breast and normally the chemo and rads zap it but sometimes year later it can kinda fire itself up again like it has in your case… because you previously had wle and rads they tend not to give rads for a second time so it usually means mastectomy as you have had…

this will be similar to first time around waiting to analyse the pathology from the Mx to see the side and extent of the cancer to decide what treatment you will need next… if its grade 3, a large tumour, hormone negative or you have positive nodes then they may well offer chemo again… if however its small, low grade with no nodes and hormone receptive then your more likely just to have and AI although they may want to give you different one from you had last time.

having a recurrence doesnt automatically mean bad news, just the particular cancer you have has ‘flared up’ again… breast cancer is now treated more like a chronic illness with periods of remission, for many the remission can be for ever but like everything in life there are no guarantees.

if you are worried why not write down a list of questions and take it with you to your next appointment.

fingers crossed for good news from the rest of your results.

Lulu x

Hi everyone.
Good news!!! Results are in, but not in time for oncologist visit. BC nurse just called, recurrence was grade 1, ER+ and her2- so am really pleased and very relieved!

Last time same except grade 2. Treatment is new drug only, still to be decided as I am still on arimidex, hope the new one actually works!

Can’t believe that so much has happened in around 6 weeks, from when I felt the lump! and now I feel I can once again get on with my life.

Hopefully this horrible disease will stay away now!

Good luck to everyone else out there living and fighting BC

Thank you to the ladies that gave me advice and support


i am sooooo pleased that your results are good… glad you are feeling that life can start to resume as normal once again.

Love and hugs xxxx

that sounds as good a result as you can get for reccurance - I am waiting for my biopsy; its tough not knowing and maybe knwoing will be worse - A cure is what we need…

Hi, i also have just been diagnosed with a recurrence after 6 years, since my biopsy last week i also have a really sore arm and am coughing, i am now paranoid too that it has spread to lung. I had ct and bone scan yesterday and am waiting results, am terrified!

Dear sweep
I am sorry to read that you have this worry, please feel free to call our helpliners for further support, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturday on 0808 800 6000

Here’ s a link to further support services from BCC which you may also find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC