Just been diagnosed with secondary liver melts.

Hi everyone,

I had AML lukiema in 1998. Then Breast cancer May 2012. Now secondary liver cancer. I know that if I can get into a routine I can cope with most things. It’s my family, evey time cancer rear’s its ugly face. I then have to go and inform them and it just breaks my heart to see their suffering. Like I have broken all there’s hearts. All my boys are grown up and I’m so lucky as I have a fantastic husband Mom and Dad. Also my beautiful grandchildren.

Was wondering how you Ladies deal with it?

Hi Carolann7,


You’re in good company on here and there are lots of us dealing with liver mets. I’m always amazed at how many women with multiple mets (some with the full house of bone, brain, lung and liver), have found novel ways of coping. Sound like you have had your share of medical problems already. I had a brain haemorrhage nearly five years ago and, having cheated death once, I think I was upset but not entirely surprised that something like SBC came along. I told my friends that nobody gets that lucky twice! 


I was dx in March with the ‘double whammy’ (as the oncs call it - de novo metastic BC).  I have a lovely, bright 16 year old daughter and I made the decision to tell her everything, as I knew that she would be hurt if I didn’t.

She is doing her mock GCSE’s in the New Year, so it’s a busy and stressful time for her too. She has asked to come with me to most of my appointments for support and to remember exactly what was discussed in minute detail.


My advice (everyone’s situation is different), would be to tell your family as much as you can. Then, they can support you and have a better understanding of why you may be having a ‘down’ day. They need to know that it’s not business as usual and you will have to take things a bit easier during treatment, etc.


Try not to take on more than you can handle and don’t be afraid to ask for help for time to time. I don’t have grandchildren, but I can imagine it’s tough. You can’t talk to them about the complexities of cancer, so I’d just try to enjoy their company and give them lots of hugs.


Please let us know how you’re getting on. More members will see your posts if you go to one of the threads that pertains to your situation. I have made some great virtual friends on here - they have helped greatly with information and sharing their experience of treatments, etc. Also, some great dark humour!


Best wishes,



Hi girls,

im so sorry to hear your news Carolann. I just wanted to tell you I was diagnosed 8 years ago with BC and liver mets and I’m still here! I hope that gives you some hope.

I had chemo, then have been on herceptin and tamoxifen since . The liver mets recurred a few times and I had radio frequency ablation 2 or 3 times (see, I’ve forgotten)  then in 2012 a liver resection (surgical removal of the affected part).

This week I’ve been told I have secondaries on my ovaries and in my abdomen (peritoneum) so I’ve been, like you, having to pass on the bad news. It’s the worst thing. As a mum you’re so used to trying to protect your loved ones from anything painful, it’s second nature. But we just have to bite the bullet and tell them. It’s rarely as bad as I’ve built it up to be in my mind, and they’d be hurt if we didn’t tell them as they so want to support us. I’ve always felt, like the other lady said (sorry I can’t see your name now) that it’s best to be honest. If you try to hide anything they will pick up the vibes and worry more. Once you have it out in the open its much easier to deal with.

I wish you well in your treatment. Let us know what the plan is and how you get on


Hi ladies. I’m new to this forum. I was on one of the breast cancer forums and found it amazingly helpful. I’ve just been diagnosed with lung and liver mets and I’m terrified of the future. I don’t have a treatment plan yet. I’m seeing my oncologist again in January. I haven’t told my parents or my 3 sons yet and struggling with it. Mum is very depressed just now and dad is suffering some awful after effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer. I’m so worried about telling them. It’s been really helpful to read some of the posts on this site. I can use some of your stories to help mum and dad and my boys cope with the news.

Hi Lainie
My mum has just recently been diagnosed with liver and bone mets and I just hit panic mode but the ladies on here are fab and honestly the info they give is spot on! My mum got her treatment plan on Wednesday and although it’s not like it’s good news but it did help to have that all kicking off in January! The ladies here advised this and I’m so glad I found this forum! Try to stay positive because we always have hope! God Bless and enjoy Christmas!!! Xo