Just been dianosed

Not an original title for a thread but best I could come up with.  lol!


Diagnosed on Thursday with a 11mm lump in one breast and still waiting for results on the other breast as they needed to do more tests…I forgot to ask why so I can’t decide if thats good new or bad! Will get the results Tuesday along with results from Lymph biopsy.


Anyway I came to say hello. My partner (not married been together 20 years) can’t understand why I would want to talk to people I don’t know, The idea of a breast nurse being there for me, confused him.


I’m 41 by the way, I found a lump that turned out to be nothing but they found calcification that has turned out to be a cancer, so I suppose I am lucky as it could have been ages until I noticed it.


Really scared about Lymph biopsy results. I think fear of it spreading is the worst and I’m avoiding googling anything to do with stats on that.


I’m an inner mess but showing a “brave face” …I expect you know what I mean. The weekend seems long, I’d rather be at work with something to do.



Hi Emily, Oh yes it all sounds so Familiar! Like you I was having a lump investigated which turned out to be nothing when they found another area which was BC so do feel very fortunate although at the time I could have screamed!! There is a lot of endless waiting around for results in the early days , I never knew a day could take so long to pass, Weekends were just torture! But once you get your final diagnosis you will feel much more in control and able to cope , we all get so hung up on node involvement but as you will find from reading through the forum so many ladies who had several with BC in are fine and getting on with life, you are wise not to Google too! Please let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

I’m not too far away from you as in Staffordshire; however possibly looking at a private facility not far from Birmingham.  Seeing consultant on Monday but not expecting MRI results till Wednesday.  Just want to get things moving now. 

Jane x

Hello Emily, I was diagnosed July this year,had lumpectomy and finished rads oct 13th so I am further along the road that you know find yourself on.
It was a total shock for me, I am 46 and the summer was a dark dark time. Things do become clearer when op done, treatment plan sorted etc. This forum has been a Godsend for me and any question ( and I had loads) were never left unanswered.You take care and I AM SENDING YOU ALL THE VERY BEST. XXXXX.Mary

Just to echo what Marydan has said. This site is fabulous and has been a huge support. My partner thinks it’s pretty great too, despite having had similar misgivings. He thinks he would have found it tougher to manage all my fears on his own!
Good luck on your journeys xx

Hiyer…yes I went to my regular GP. My records had 'caught up ’ with me, actually my GP had already rung to say she had received a letter from the hospital notifying her. However, don’t be put off by the thought they may not know yet…there’s not much you have to explain. …I’ve had a bc diagnosis and am beside myself with anxiety and can’t sleep. You will need a decent relationship with your GP after you are discharged from oncology anyway , in a monitoring capacity…possibly ongoing medication or niggly side effects.

I found that very solid foods were hard to tolerate in those early days, but don’t worry…your weight will go back up later on…most people have said they’ve put on more pounds after finishing treatment lol

Hi Emily, I have read your posts so far and I am also in the very early stages of being diagnosed with a grade 2 lobular cancer … I have an MRI scan tomorrow and will hopefully get my treatment plan next Tuesday. Like you, my feelings are all over the place … how the hell did I get to this? This was never supposed to happen? life changes so quickly … I am mostly very positive as obviously a grade 2 is a better diagnosis than some I’ve read about … like you again I’ve started to read some threads but get totally freaked out especially if I go on some other forums … anyway, I hope you get all the information you need today to move forward and know what is going to be happening … please keep in touch … Sarah x