just been told i have breast cancer

Just been told I have Papillary Carcinoma (breast) ER positive. I am waiting now to go for an assessment to see if I am able to go for a general anaesthetic or if it will have to be done under a local. Because I have lots of other health problems, they are generally reluctant to give me a General. However they would like to look at the lymph nodes deep in my armpit and they won’t be able to do that with a local, which is quite worrying. Has any body else had this? 

Hi, I’m not able to help with your query, as I haven’t had that test, I just wanted to say sorry to hear of your diagnosis and I hope you are able to get an asnwer to your question. All the very best with your treatment.  

Hi Veetee, sorry you have found yourself here, especially with your very unusual diagnosis. I hope someone will be along to help you, or you could post on the nurses section where you will get expert advice. We’re more like sisters here, supporting each other and generally muddling along!

Im a little unsure about the lymph node scenario you describe. I had biopsies for those through my back. ( yes…it did sting and bruise) 3/5 were cancerous so I then had all of them removed under general anaesthetic at the same time as my lumpectomy . I’m sure your team will have answers to your questions . I used a small notebook to write down any questions. It’s also quite cathartic to start a journal so you can try to eliminate stress by writing your feelings down.

I’m surprised you haven’t been assigned a BC nurse. This was my first port of call when I was diagnosed. Your head is all over the place , isn’t it?

Good luck with your treatments. ??