Just been told I have DCIS: double mastectomy in Jan

Hello everyone,

I’m new - not to bc, my aunt died from it, one of my best friends, too - but to a diagnosis. Turns out I was quite ignorant after all - I’m fit and healthy, have run marathons (for cancer care) am vegetarian and have 5 children. Turns out it can get anyone, at any time. Reading posts on this website have really helped me today. I still haven’t told 3 of the smallest children. I go in for the mastectomy and immediate reconstruction at the beginning of Jan - the day after, we’re meant to be moving from London to Kent. I asked the doc what to do about work, moving, schools, diet, whether to give up alcohol etc and she said “Eat, drink and be merry”. The first I’m doing with gusto - and some degree of emotional “burying” - the last I’m struggling with So up and down - with sleep, feelings, who to tell, what to say, it’s a whirlwind of blunt confusion. Thank you for listening and if you have any advice about getting through the next few weeks/months/longer, I’d really appreciate it.

Love and support to fellow travellers x 

Hi Butterfly and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you will find here, our helpliners are on hand tomorrow 9-2 and then back on Monday 29th December 9-5 in case you need further practical and emotional support, please feel free to call 0808 800 6000 to talk any concerns or queries over

Here’s a link to further support ideas and information about DCIS which you may find helpful:


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Lucy BCC

Hello, the waiting is the worst part in my opinion. I would say allow yourself to cry if you feel you need to and take each day as it comes. There is no right or wrong way to deal with the diagnosis and the emotional turmoil that follows for some of us. I used to scour the forum and Internet looking for answers and advice. Some was useful and some wasn’t especially stumbling across images I just didn’t want to see lol. I was very angry that I had a non invasive cancer yet had to have a mastectomy for something that may never become so. Yet grateful that it was DCIS which meant no further treatment will be required. I am incredibly squeamish and never want to know how they did what they did during my operation. I had mastectomy, implant and reduction to the other boob on 4th dec and am recovering well. The bit I was dreading was surgery and pain but it was surprisingly ok. I have had worse period pains, however when I did have pain I asked for pain relief rather than be brave. The lack of mobility for a couple of weeks was and still is hard to deal with. I am very independent lady and hate having to be reliant on others. Do take all offers of help and accept you just can’t do things no matter how much you want to. I wish you well and don’t forget ask for help x

I had mastectomy of right breast on 18th Dec together with immediate reconstruction. I asked for pain relief when I needed it, decided not to be brave about that & took view that you heal better if you’re not in pain. Also agree that I have had worse period pain in the past. My surgeon has been very strict about me not over doing it for first six weeks. Basically he says if I do I’ll ruin the reconstruction so at least I understand his logic & I am pleased with the reconstruction he’s done. So you are going to need quite a lot of support from family & friends. I’ve been told no driving, hoovering, ironing for 6 weeks. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. It all feels a bit weird because you are not I’ll but at the same time can’t do too much. I should say I had the ADM reconstruction so it could be that there are different guidelines around different reconstruction types.