just diagnosed 1st july

Hi everyone, i have moved over from the thinking i have BC forum to this exclusive club! I have been told i have invasive, ductal , cancer that is oestrogen positive. I go in next week for a pre-op then the following week for a WLE and node sampling. I still do not know the staging. I am 40 and my sister also had BC at 39, so i am worried about what this means for my daughter and nieces.I am going back to work tomorrow and i will see how that goes, i work as a psychiatric nurse and i hope i can keep it together. I have found this website to be very informative and helpful, so thanks to you all x

Hey PJen,
Welcome and sorry you are here. Your dx seems to be fairly similar to mine, the WLE isn’t too bad, but then I am sure you know loads from your sis.
I hope that we can help you with any queries you may have and also feel free to rant away when you need too.

I am a bit further down the line having been dx on 7th April. I have 1 chemo down 8 days ago and almost back to being me again LOL, nah it wasn’t that bad.

Love and hugs

Sorry you had to join the group, but welcome…

I have found this site a great help on all levels and hope you do too. Good luck with your surgery - you might want to read the “useful one liners” thread as you may be needing them - they are hilarious and bring a smile back to your face :slight_smile:

Lots of love
Hayley xx

Hi Powerjen, sorry to hear your dx. I was diagnosed as yours on the 19th MAy and following an MRI scan was told my only option was a masectomy which I had last week. It was not too bad but you need to go in with a positive mindset that they have caught it and they and you are doing the best.

If I can help you in anyway let me know, thinking of you
Sharon xxx

Hi Powerjen

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I have found this site to be invaluable since I was diagnosed in April and hope that you will receive as much support as I have had here. Im also 40 with same diagnosis and had WLE and SLNB back in May and started my first chemo FEC cycle last week. The surgery wasnt at all as bad as I was thinking it would be.

Good luck with your surgery.

Love Claire x

Hi PJen

so sorry you are hear …but there are some great girl’s on hear and you pop on hear when ever you wont and let of some steam and as questions

I was dx on 2nd of may just had 1st chemo …im ok not to bad

you take care stay strong

sal x

Hi Everyone, thanks for your replies. I decided to take my annual leave this week and i will be off sick as from next week, it’s a relief actually as i was not able to function like i normally would.The surgeon reckons i will need radiotherapy, he is not sure chemo will be required. I see a few of you are having this, can you tell me is this because of spread to the nodes? Thanks again x

Hi Jen,
Yeah I think I am having chemo because 3/10 nodes were involved with me.
I had discussed having a mastectomy with my onc but he said a WLE with good margins and radiotherapy is as beneficial as a full mastectomy.
He was reluctant to do a full due to my age and the above so that’s why we went for WLE.

I went off sick a week before my op and haven’t been back and it’s the summer holidays so I am off, off, off and not going back either.

Hope all is well
Love and hugs

Hi Lisa, i suppose this is just one long waiting game for tests etc, if you don’t mind me asking what age are you?
Jen x

Hi Jen,
No worries I am 32 with 3 kids 11, 8 and 2.
What about yourself?

This whole thing is a waiting game, we wait for the initial appt, then the biopsy results, then for surgery, then the results of that, then the onc appt, then the chemo and if you have chemo you wait to see if your bloods are OK to have the next etc etc.

At first I was annoyed at some of the waiting but then I realised it was a chance for me to be “normal” for a while and try to get on with things rather than planning for the next move.
Have you had your pre-op yet? How are you doing?

Love and hugs

Hi Lisa, I had my pre-op visit today, yet more waiting, i guess i will get used to it. It is just such a big change from my usual routine . I have one wee girl, she is 6 ,7 in October.I am 40. How long were you in hospital for the WLE? Thanks for the help
Jen x

Jen, good luck with your WLE. I have mine planned for 5th August. They have told me it will be day surgery. By the way, I work in mental health too. When is your WLE? Hope it goes ok for you.

Maggie x

HI Maggie, I go in next Wed, are you a nurse? x

Hey Jen,
You are welcome honey, I was in from Tuesday till Sat. I went in the day before to have a radioisotope injected for the sentinel node clearance.
Be warned you may look blue when you come out if they are doing a full clearance they sometimes use a blue dye, yes your tit will be blue and then your pee will be blue too.
It’s great I have had blue pee and red/orange pee (result of the epirubicin in my FEC chemo).
Every hospital is different but they will let you out when you are ready. I only had 1 drain out and I think they just keep us in here until they remove them. (I live in N. Ireland)

Any questions feel free to ask?

Love and hugs to all

Good luck everyone btw

Hi Jen,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in May and have since had WLE with SLNB and then a re-excision last month as my margins weren’t clear. Both my surgeries were done as day cases. I had my radioactive dye done the morning of my first op, went to theatre about lunchtime and home about 8ish (would’ve been sooner had it not been for the vomiting…they omitted giving me anti-emetics). Second time was even quicker…first on the list and home at lunch time.

My surgeon initially said surgery then rads, but the pathology showed grade 3 cells so I’m having chemo before rads. But I’m taking a holiday before they sort all that out…

Good luck and best wishes for Weds…I’ll be thinking of you :slight_smile:

Love 'n hugs to all,

hi powerjen,

I to had a WLE and SNB in May. I started rads 2wks ago with another 3 to go. I’m sorry that you have to come to this page, but I have found it really useful and encouraging to know that there are others in the same boat.

I was only a day case and had ervrything done on the same day and I had to have a guide wire passed as I had no lump. The op itself was ok and I did come home the same day with family rallying round.

I think I also work in the same trade as you. Take as much time as you need before even thinking of going back. Be good to yourself.

Good luck on Wednesday.


Hi.im new to all this just found out on thursday they think a lumpectomy and some lymph nodes removed with some raddiotherapy but got to go back on thursday for results of deep core biopsy so will know more then.

Heya Weezer, good luck on Thursday. I found the waiting for results the hardest bit of my treatment so far. I’ve had surgery, I’m doing chemo at the moment and that’s all fine and manageable most days are good days (with a few great ones thrown in) but back when I was first diagnosed I found it hard and scary. That’s passing now. DO tell us your results when you get them. Someone on here will have had similar and we can help you prepare for the next bit.

Lots and lots of love


Hi everyone, thanks for your help and advice. I have had the WLE and 4 nodes removed for sampling, luckily got home the next day. So now it is the anxious wait for results. How are you all doing? How did you get on Weezer?
love Jen

Hi Jen

Good to hear everything went well and your back home.

I had WLE and node sampling on 15th. Its a very anxious wait for the pathology results, I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof! Do you have a date to go back yet?

Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery.

Catherine x