Just diagnosed and needing help with anxiety

Hi, I had my diagnosis on Friday. My consultant and the nurses were amazing but I am planning on going to my gp tomorrow to ask for something short term to help me with the anxiety and to sleep and relax. Can I ask if anyone else has taken anything that has helped and what that was please?

Hi Nukka
First of all welcome to the forum, there’s loads of support from all of us here.
What you’re feeling is quite normal, we’ve all been there, particularly in the early days of diagnosis, it does settle down when your treatment plan is confirmed & treatment starts.
Certainly, there are many others who got support from their gp to deal with this initial stage, who will be along to advise & its good you’re being proactive in getting support.
Also, do come on here & chat whenever you need to & there’s also the helpline at the top of this page.
ann x

Hi Nukka,
Sorry to hear that you have joined the club that none of us want to be part of!
I have found beta blockers to be really helpful (ideally for short term use, such as before an appointment) also sominex are great to help you sleep as,as natural remedies such as lavender oil. You will find loads of support on this forum, it was my lifeline a few months ago. Be kind to yourself & take any support you need from friends/family ect. Sending a big hug. Sonia xx

Hi Nukka

Have you tried rescue remedy?  They also do a night time one. The day time ones come in spray, drops or sweets. You spray or out the drops on your tongue. 


Hi Nukka, sorry to hear you have joined our club. We will support you as we are all going through the same feelings and stages, just different timing. Severe anxiety is very normal initially and hard to cope with at times. It gets easier once your treatment plan is in place. I did a lot of reading on nutrition to distract my mind and get myself super healthy ready for treatment. I didn’t take any prescription medication but found valerian tea was good to help with sleep and camomile tea for relaxation. Also, coming on here helped a lot to make me feel less mentally isolated. It will get easier in a couple of weeks. Stay strong and positive but accept an occasional meltdown is ok too.


Take care. X

Thank you so much for the replies. I’m trying so hard to carry on as normal for the sake of my grown up son who has autism and I’m his carer. I feel absolutely shattered.

Hi nukka.
I was diagnosed April 3. I had a mastectomy and lymph node removal last week. The first week is the absolute worst. Your fears can very easily spiral out of control. Just keep reminding yourself that you can and will cope with this and the unknown is usually a lot scarier than what actually lies ahead.
My adult son is disabled and has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and autism. I’m his carer. I worried myself sick initially thinking that I wouldn’t be able to look after him. As it happens, I’m actually feeling really good post op. I was out of bed within a day and even went away for a night this weekend.
The only thing different now is that my husband showers our son as I don’t want to over do it and he needs help getting in and out and with washing. I did have a meeting with his social worker last week to update his care plan to include short breaks should we need them in the future. They’re a security blanket, which I hope we will never have to use, but it’s good to know we have that option in place. Social services were happy to do this. If your son doesn’t already have a social worker, then you can ring adult services at your local council and explain your situation. X