Just diagnosed and worried

Hi I was diagnosed with bc early Dec 2009 IDC 1.6mm grade 3 had lumpectomy before xmas margins were narrow had further surgery to clear margins this week and waiting for the results! Feel weepy today maybe its the surgery or maybe realisation thst this is real. I am sure I will feel better when I know whats next they said just rads but keep worrying chemo might be coming my way. Your posts have kept me going over xmas so thank you to all who write them x

Hi lala

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure other users will be along to support you soon.
In the meantime you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 – 2.00

Best wishes
June, moderator

lala, i’m so sorry that you have had to join us, but you are in the right place for advice, friendship and support.
Waiting for the results is the worst thing but once you know what you are dealing with it’s copeable (sp)never easy but managable.

I was dx in may last year and have had surgery, chemo and now nearly through rads. I have just come back from the most amazing weekend with 18 other ladies that i have ‘met’ on BCC so stick with us and you will get through it.

Sending you hugs

Gina xx

Hi lala and welcome (although that always sounds strange when you find yourself here)

Ditto everything Gina has said about this being the best place for support etc.

I was diagnosed back in August, had WLE for my 13mm IDC Grade 2 and DCIS. Got clear margins and nodes, but still had chemo - so be prepared - I’m 37 so they really pushed it, well my onc did, my surgeon didn’t think it was necessary. Am due to start RADS next week.

Looking forward to getting to know you.


Hi Lala

I had the same diagnosis and surgery as you. However, mine was in one lymph node so had them whipped out. I’m 42 and am half way through chemo. I view chemo as my friend as it mops up any stray cells, plus I’m lucky enough not to have had any side effects, apart from hair loss. What ever treatment they recommend, it will be in your best interest. This site is a Godsend!

Julia xx

Thank you for your replies I get results in 2 weeks to see if the margins are all 5mm clear this time (1st time they were 5mm and 2.5mm)Then onwards and upwards I guess x

Hi Lala

It is upsetting to be on this path, I was dx in october and some days are good and some bad.

We have to try and think positive (though hard) and hope one day we will be rid of this nasty disease.

I really hope your result is good and you don’t need further operations or chemo

Take Care

Hi. I was diagnosed on Monday and I’m having a lumpectomy on Feb 4th and radiotheraphy after. I am waiting results on lymph nodes and will get that on Mon 1st, if I need to they will be removed same time as lumpectomy.
I’m feeling lost and don’t understand terminology etc… but catching up too quickly! Ihave a list of questions for consultant on monday but wanted to ‘tell’ someone else.

hi sassy It is scarey isn’t it? the waiting is the hardest. I hope you get good results today. It does make you feel better telling someone else. Let us know how you get on. I get my results tommorrow from 2nd WLE. Hugs K x

Hi all
I did need to have the lymph nodes removed on the 4th and I’m now back at home and waiting for operation results which I will get on Mon 15th.
I have been concentrating on the surgery and focussing all my worries on going to hospital, having surgery, pain afterwards etc… And now I’m feeling better (although sore and stiff) I can only think about next Monday - I don’t think I can wish for good results because at every stage the results have gone against me. Feeling very sorry for myself.

Hey Sassy, feel as sorry for yourself as you like, whatever happens it’s a shock to anyone system…I’m in between surgery and rads, some days I’m up, other nights I cry…after the kids are in bed…
we can’t all be super woman…hugsx

hi sassy, know how u feel was originally told caught early scan showed nodes clear lumpectomy n radiation onlyhad op then got results node positive n grade 3 had t have 4 ec n 4 tax n 4 weeks radiaton so further surgey n wait 4 results the second surgery 18th jan only just feeling better but still sore n stiff. was terrified to say th least waiting 4 results everything seemed to b against me was frightened they would say all involved or nearly n didnt know what that would mean . got results on 28th only another 2 nodes out of 18. to us that was good news went to see onc all th horror stories n we were giddy throughout. so what would have seemed bad a few weeks ago was good. u just hav t try t stay strong n think theyv cut it out its now up t u … take care rozita xxx

Hi Sassy Sorry you didnt get the news you hoped for. It seems a lot of us are told 1 thing then find out we need more surgery or treatment. Keeping my fingers crossed that this time it is good news x

Thanks all for your encouragement - I am feeling much more positive today although physically I have more pain!! The breast cancer roller coaster…