Just diagnosed at 28

Hi, I’ve been reading the forums when waiting biopsy results. Found a big lump out of nowhere on new years day and was referred as non urgent due to my age. So was seen at breast clinic two months later.

I have two kids, one just turned 3 this week and the other six months. I have been told it has spread to lymph nodes, have ct and bone scan next week then after then will know full treatment plan. If no spread looking at six months chemo, then surgery then radiotherapy.

Would like to hear others stories and in particular with young kids. I’m coping fine with diagnosis, I knew. I knew the whole time.

Hi Kristy, I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, it’s incredibly tough but the treatment is effective and you will get through. I’m halfway through chemo and while not easy it is manageable and you do have good weeks when you feel pretty normal. I don’t have young children. Mine are 20 and 18 but I am sure others who do will be along soon to talk to you.
I am also "knew " from the moment I found a dent in my breast. I strongly believe we have an inner sixth sense. It was no surprise to me when they told me it was cancer. We just have to deal with it and look forward to our lives out the other side.
This forum has been a huge support to me. I hope it helps you too.
Claire xxxx

Firstly how awful for you having to wait 2 months for clinic! I thought any breast lump had to be seen in 2 weeks.

My children are 9,7 & 4, so not as tiny as yours. My treatment is different to yours too. I have found I’ve been worrying more for my children and their future than I have my own health and wellbeing. I think that’s a natural mummy instinct that we’ll cope with whatever is thrown at us.

I hope you’ve a supportive family and friend circle x and I’m sure those with very young children on here will be along to support you too x

Hi Kristy, It’s shocking that you were made to wait so long to be seen, women are being diagnosed younger and younger and GP’s should realise this isn’t just an older women’s problem! 

You sound like you have a good positive attitude and will deal with what is thrown but also take help and support where you can ? Always someone here with help and advice Xx Jo 

Hi Kirsty, I found a lump in November and was told by my Dr to go back in 2 weeks as it would probably be a blocked milk duct. Back I went 2 weeks later with the lump still there and was referred… I wasn’t seen by the consultant til the 1st of February! It angers me that just because we are young we won’t be susceptible to something as serious as cancer. You should read up on the founder of coppafeel, her story is amazing!

I also have 2 kids, son who will be 4 soon and daughter who’s 8 months and sadly we just lost the third. Like you I am actually okay with it but I think it’s my kids who keep me feeling normal, it’s everyone else who now looks at me differently!

I’m booked in for surgery in 2 weeks and if it all comes back fine then on to chemo for 4 months and then radiotherapy and then the dreaded tamoxifen for 10 years.

I also have a friend who was diagnosed at 24 (28 this year) her daughter was 2 or 3 at the time and her Dr sent her away on so many occasions as she again was “too young.” Her bc was aggressive and she’s been through a lot but you wouldn’t think it.

I hope you get the results you want and keep us updated.

Cara x

Hi kirstie,  it makes me so mad that young women are fobbed off its dreadful ! I am sorry that you have found  yourself here, i am older and my children are 10 so different situation to you but can empathise with the range of emotions and fears that a cancer diagnosis brings. Sending gentle hugs you way x

Big hugs Kirsty. That is not right that you had been made to wait. This forum is a great help. X