Just diagnosed but don't know what type yet

I was diagnosed yesterday after mammogram, utlra-sound and fine needle aspiration. At this stage we don’t know what type, but will be having a biopsy hopefully this coming week and treatment plan should be ready in 2 weeks time.

I have a significantly sized breast lump which I ignored for longer than I should have as I had a very similar lump in the right breast a few years back which disapeared on its own. While waiting for my breast clinic appointment, a lump appeared in my armpit so I was lucky to get a cancellation. Everything feels rather surreal and as many people seem to find, I’m finding it difiicult telling those close to me. I have 5 youngsters aged 17 (twins) - 24. One fo the twins has an eating disorder and my 20 year old son has had a number of mental health issues this year, so it’s tough on everyone.



Sorry you find yourself here too.

I was diagnosed on Tuesday, I’m 37 with a 19 month old. I was blindsided to say the least, found a lump and saw GP who referred to breast clinic just in case. Lump found on 23rd July diagnosed 18 Sep so been a long road til now! Another appointment on Tuesday will hopefully find out more, only know it’s stage 2 at this point and lymphnodes looked clear on ultrasound.

I found waiting for diagnosis and then telling my Dad and siblings the worst part (made worse that we lost our mum to BC 7 years ago when she was 58), but actually feel so relieved now, haven’t cried since Thursday and even have my husband’s 40th birthday party tonight!

I’ve named my cancer Mildred and to be perfectly honest, she’s unwelcome and can do one!! I am so ready to kick her butt!

It’s definitely worse when you’re on your own, I found myself organising all sorts of cupboa9at home to keep myself busy when my wee boy is in bed and my husband working late!

I think we’re too hard on ourselves, our lives have just been turned on their heads, we’re allowed to be weepy and cry if, and when, we need to. I’m sure there will be plenty more tears along the way too.

I had a core biopsy as part of my diagnostics, it wasn’t so bad, a bit achy when the anaesthetic wore off and a bit of bruising. My appointment is tomorrow when hopefully will have a better idea of what lies ahead.

This is a bump in the road for us, not the end.

Stay strong xx

Has the core biospsy on Wednesday evening, during which they found a couple of further lumps, so they did FNA on both of those. Consultant advised that he will be operating next Saturday as the lymph nodes definitely have to go, and the results of the cb will determine the extent of the surgery. So now we wait until next Wednesday evening. Finished work on Friday for 2 weeks holiday and suddenly feel exhausted and can’t get motivated to much more than load the washing machine! Felt very weird when I left work as I’m not not entirely sure when I will be back so it got quite emotional with some of the team.

Aw thanks for asking. I had my consultant appointment last Tuesday and came away feeling pretty positive. He said it’s stage 1, grade 2, 12mm and ER+, the bcn had told us it was stage 2 on diagnosis day, so spent a week believing it was worse than it was.

I have an MRI scan this coming Friday as they can’t see the lump on the mammogram, the tissue is dense with me being young, this will determine what extent of surgery I need.

They’ll do the lymphnode biopsy during my surgery but he’s said if everything stays as it is now (the lymphnodes were clear on the ultrasound) then chemo wouldn’t be of any benefit so will be surgery, rads then hormone treatment, feel so relieved but also a bit like a cancer fraud!

Glad things are moving for you now, we’ll soon be rid of the boob invaders xx

Back from 100 mile round trip for results. 3cm tumour, Getting muddled up between stages and grades but its a 3. Her2+ ER+.

They have decided not to operate on Saturday but to go down the chemo route first, so a trip to the oncologist instead. Havign reconciled myself to surgery, need to readjust. Brain is scrambled.

Hi ladies, sorry you find yourself here. However, you are not alone. At this point in time you will be feeling it is all surreal, and I can remember feeling so anxious and angry and weepy at this stage. Once you have your treatment plan, if you are like me, you will feel more in control. I found the fear of the unknown almost overwhelming. There are loads of leaflets on here to help you understand your diagnosis and your treatment. Telling those close to you is very personal. I wrote myself a little script and just told my nearest and dearest. The more I said it then the real- er it was and the better I coped. Others feel very very different. There is info on here, though, to help with that. Ask questions on here. We will all try to help you through. Good luck, and best wishes. ?