just diagnosed! grade 3, 37mm

i still dont understand it all myself but its grade 3 ductal type its hormone sensitive but still waitin for her2 test… they lookin at lumpectomy and chemo and rads… im still confused to what it all means, im thinking id prefer a m/x but dont think they be able to do that as quick as monday… im 31 so very young, very unlucky and very scared

Hi fairy it is all scary I am having lumpectomy for 35 mm so I don’t know if it depends on size maybe one of the ladies with more experience can advise x good luck for Monday xx


I’ve been thinking about you all morning. Sorry I can’t be of any help; no knowledge of all this but I’d like to give you a big hug and assure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel


love and hugs xxxx

Hi fairy

So sorry that you find yourself here. There will be lots of ladies on here that will give you support and advice.

Do you have an appointment to see the consultant soon to advise you on your treatment plan? I remember feeling very confused myself , but then went on the recommendation of the consultant.

Sending a hug x

hi Fairy,
I responded to your post on the other thread.
ann x

Hi Fairy, I’m 33 and was diagnosed at the end of May. Mine is also grade 3 and positive for ER, PR and HER2, originally 6-7cm but after three rounds of chemo they reckon it’s about one inch. None of this seems fair but I hope you have a good support network around you. It can take a long time to sink in, even now I still can’t believe it is happening but am staying positive and we all have good days and bad days.

thank you all. pink i was originally told lumpectomy and chemo if not her2 but bcn have rung back today after meeting with the multi team and have decided on chemo 1st even if her2 negative which i dont feel is standard and has frightened me further

Hi fairy,
All of our treatment plans are tailor made for us & having chemo first is also quite usual & is the first step in giving you the best treatment for your diagnosis.
There are quite a few variations in treatment & it’s no more or less standard that any of our treatment plans.
sending hugs
ann x

Fairy, I felt the same, I hadn’t really heard of anyone having chemo first and then op but I was told it was partly to do with my age. X

Hi fairy, sorry to hear of your diagnosis and glad you have found our wonderful forum where you will get all the support you need. Firstly, don’t confuse the grading with the staging. “Grade” 3 refers to the tumour complexity and density whist “Stage” refers to the tumour progression. From what you describe, you sound stage 1 which is early stages so you have excellent statistics moving forward from this.  It’s hard to accept the diagnosis at first and it’s all very scary with all of these new words which which you sudden day have to concern yourself with but it does get easier once your treatment plan kicks in. I’m 48 and was diagnosed at the end of March with Stage 2 locally advanced invasive BC ER+/PR+/HER2- including local lymph nodes. I’m on my 5th of 8 chemos of FEC/T, then I’ll have surgery and rads and probably a hormone inhibitor. The chemo is going well and reducing the tumour ready for surgery.  


Once your treatment plan is confirmed join the monthly treatment thread on this forum to network with others going through the same at the same time. You can do this, just stay focussed and healthy. Hugs and best wishes to you as you start you journey. Xxx

thank u all for the replies. i am seeing the oncologist tomorrow and they are hoping chemo will start next thursday, so fast which is scary… but the quicker it starts the quicker this will all be over i suppose… been a not so bad day today, yesterday i cried buckets… not sure of lymph node yet i have to have another biospy as one looks a bit chunky xx

the plan has changed again. now awaitin her2 results b4 they decide chemo or surgery 1st. will it grow much in an extra week or two so scared

Hi Fairy,
Waiting for results is horrible, but the time scales for this does not make any difference in respect of progression. The important thing is that your results will inform your treatment plan, so that it’s tailor made for you to get it dealt with.
take care
ann x

thank u…another biopsy of lymph node today and surgery booked for 16/08… i need to start treatment now and start this long journey as at the moment its taking over my life and my thoughts… the poor kids are having a rubbish summer hols as i physically cant drum up the enthusiasm to do much apart from feel sorry for myself

Hi Fairy,the waiting is so hard you just want to get on with it don’t you !! Very hard to think about anything else or motivate yourself to do anything .How old are your kids ?

Fairy, it sounds like we are in a similar position except I know that multiple lymph nodes ARE affected. I am waiting on a CT scan to see if any cells have settled anywhere else (and keeping absolutely everything crossed that they haven’t).

I have been told chemo first, then surgery, then possibly radiotherapy. It is going to be a long battle!

My worry whilst I wait for all these appointments is that it is growing and/or spreading and that fills me with dread, but I have to trust that they know what they are doing.

Thinking of you and wishing you well xxx

Also to add, I know mine is NOT responsive to hormones and I don’t have the Her2 results back yet (not that I understand what that means at all!) xxx

HER2 is a kind of protein I think that may fuel cancer .It means you can take a drug called Herceptin which helps stop re-occurrence ,think you take it for about 15 months .

Thank you Jill.

So it is a good (!!!) thing for the tumour to be Her2 positive or not? I can’t work it out!


I guess you could say it’s both !!! It does mean you have to have chemotherapy as Herceptin is only given alongside chemo, the positive is that Herceptin is a very effective drug and HER2 ladies have good outcomes now .