Just diagnosed sbc

Sorry to be a bad and miserable blog, but I am hoping someone can help me. I have just been told I have secondary cancer in my axilla, both sides and two places in the bones seen from the CT scan. My lungs and liver were clear from the CT scan. I have to wait until next week for the bone scan. I am in total panic, and very distressed, as is my husband and family. No idea how bad this is, do I have years or could everything go bad very quickly? I cant imagine going back to work or being part of the future.

I understand the axilla sites are more worrying than the bones. I may be wrong. I have to wait to see the onc, to get some answers and at the present I cant see anything in logical proportion. You will all know what it feels like. I have been reading messages on this forum, and already it has helped a bit. I would love to hear any positive stories to get me through to when I meet the onc. If anyone can help with any advice on how to cope with the feelings of panic.


Dear sandyeg, welcome to the BCC forums

I am posting a link to the BCC information page about secondary breast cancer and the support we can offer you, you are also welcome to call our helpline where you can talk things through with someone in confidence on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

You can read the page via this link:


I hope this helps

Take care

Hi Sandy

Sorry you’ve had to join us here. I’ve got bone mets, diagnosed in June 2008. Like you I was very upset at the beginning, thought that the end was near, but I responded very well to treatment and here I am still, no active cancer, no spread beyond bones. My onc says I could stay like this for years.

You have been plunged into hell, and your mind will be all over the place. Things will settle down, I promise, and once you know what treatment you will be getting I’m sure you will feel more in control and like something is happening to fight back.

Good luck, and I personally have found a tremendous amount of support from these forums.

Best wishes.
Alison xx

Hi Sandy

I too am in a similar situation to you.

I’ve just had a CT scan and I’m pending the results re SBC, I found 2 small lumps close to my armpit a couple of weeks ago and following an ultrasound and core biopsy were told there are ‘areas of concern’. I’m convinced it’s spread to my bones as I’ve been experiencing pain in my shoulders and neck for some time (put this down to the after affects of chemo as only finished March this year). I have little information at the moment but should know next week what my diagnosis is. It has been mentioned I will restart on the Chemo (depending on results) in 2 weeks and it all still feels so unreal that I’m going to go through all this again.

I’m terrified that goes without saying and feel sick to my stomach that I’m having to put my family through this so soon just as I was rebuilding my life, but like the first time round I’m trying to take it a day at a time.

I’ll PM you and if you wish to correspond directly we can perhaps help each other through this difficult time.

Claire x

Hi Sandy,

I am glad for both you and Claire (poppet75) that you in similar positions and will be able to help each other through this time. Like Alison says things will settle down, and you will feel more in control once you have a plan of action.

The spread to the axilla (both sides) is an indication that the cancer has started moving out from the breast but the good news is that it hasn’t spread to those vital organs. I think for most of us those initial days when we are dealing with the shock of it all are pretty tough, but you do get through them and find the strength to keep going. I was diagnosed a long time ago - back in 1990. I had quite a few recurrences and secondary diagnosis in 2002 when it spread extensively throughout my bones, but I am still here and enjoying life, even if I have had to make adjustments.

Hang in there and we will all be here to hold out a hand.


Hi Sandy,

I am sorry to hear your news. I only joined this site yesturday. I was diagnosed in 2008 with bone and liver mets, and I thought it was the end of everything, I even phoned my life insurance company. It takes a while to properly accept the diagnosis. It was a bit like going through a grieving process, there was the initial shock and disbelief, followed by anger and sadness. I think it took me about 12 months before I could start living my life properly again. A lot of people go through the process a lot quicker than me as I got a bit stuck in the angry phase. I found attending a group run by Mcmillan helpful.

I am learning to cope with it better and at present I am well and there is no difference in the quality of my life. I still work full time as this helps me feel normal. Other women decide that they want to retire and concentrate on other things.

I am on leave this week as I am going to numerous events at a local literature festival.

Hi Sandy - I am another lady with bone mets - when I think back to diagnosis (May 09) half way thru chemo - my GP actually came round one evening to give me the devestating news - I thought it was the end of me!! After the panic subsided and I looked into it more and spoke to others on this site I have come to terms with the diagnosis and actually just take 1 tablet daily and am hoping that when I see my onc next week I get the continuing good news that everything is stable. I have it in 5 areas - spine ribs hips and can ache like hell at times, but I am a single mum to an 11 year old, work full time and life is much the same pre diagnosis. p.s I know of someone who has had secondaries for 25 years - of course we are all different but I like to hang on to the positives. Wishing you all the very best, Debbie x

Hi Sandy (and Claire and AlexD)
It is such a dreadful shock when you are told you have secondaries and all of us on the secondary part of the forum know EXACTLY how you are feeling right now. It is a horrible, horrible time for you and your family. One of the worst things I had to do was tell my 2 teenage daughters that I had secondary breast cancer - something none of us should ever have to or want to do. However that was two and a half years ago and, like many ladies on here, I am living my life pretty much as before my diagnosis. I had an initial course of chemo - which of course you do feel rubbish with, but since then I have been lucky enough for hormone treatment, and bone strengthening treatment (both tablets by the way) to keep me stable. It was only when I knew the extent of my bone mets (hip and small bit on my spine) and what my treatment would be that I was able to get past those awful first weeks. I think a lot of us are able to live ‘normally’ but of course there is always the sadness that we now have an incurable form of bc. However there are many positive stories on here and also medical treatment is progressing all the time - something that always lifts me up if I’m a bit down. These forums really opened my eyes to so much information and real experience of mets and have always been very supportive, so make sure you use them for whatever questions or support you may need - we all do :slight_smile:
Take care and I hope that all of you recently diagnosed with secondaries get a treatment plan soon and respond really well to it.
Nicky x

Can anyone help. I registered a couple of days ago, and had private messages which I could read until yesterday morning. I had a notification of a private message last night, but then when I go to open it, the site says ‘you are not authorised to read or send private messages’.

Hope someone can give me advice on that - I really need to get the communication going again.



Have you tried logging in again, when it says that? Failing that I would suggest contacting the moderators !!

Julie x

Hi Sandyeg

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