Just diagnosed with DCIS

Hi, Just looking to talk to people around the same age going through the same thing.

Im 29, married with a 9 year old daughter and have recenltly been diagnosed with DCIS. Its only low grade however a recent manogram found lots of calcifications outside the ducts so i have now had a core biopsy and waiting for the results.

I have been told to start thinking about having the full removal and reconstruction which is something worrying me a lot along with what the results of the biopsy will be on tuesday!

Trying to stay positive and not let it effect me but its been the longest week ever waiting for these results! only 4 more days to wait!


Hi Laura and welcome to the BCC forums
In addition to the support you will soon have here, the following link contains information and further support ideas from BCC which I hope you will find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi there,

I’m where you were, biopsy on a potential second area next week and likely to need mastectomy followed by radiotherapy. How are you now? I’m 29 so million miles from what was expecting. Thanks m x