Just diagnosed with invasive ductal

Following two weeks of waiting it was confirmed yesterday that I have invasive ductal of the right breast. Initially grade 1, but having a Quadrantectomy and Sentinel Lymph node biopsy 21st August.Results 10 days after this - more waiting. I have just turned 40 and have two young children 5 and 3.
Has anyone else been through this - can you advise what to expect. Just so scared of what they might find, angry that it has happened, and upset especially for my children. Currently in shock - only found the lump 4 weeks ago.

I am sorry you find yourself here, i was diagnosed in june with grade 3 invasive ductal cancer at 36, unfortunately the worst thing is the waiting for results and appointments, i felt myself getting very panicky and angry and extremely anxious to start my treatment, you will receive so much support and advice from people who have been through the same thing on this website and honestly you will be amazed once treatment starts how well you cope,! i have 2 children aged 4 and 8 , my treatment started very quickly they decided chemotherapy first was best for me i cannot believe i am on my 3 rd on friday and i am doing well, then i will have surgery and rads , i had a large lump under my arm also. i did go to pieces at thought of telling the children but i did tell them pretty much straight away and its amazing how they have handled it , my hair has now gone but the children have been great and my little girl keeps wearing headscarves to match mine, it was their birthdays around the same time as my diagnosis and they did get a few extra presents than normal and im sure that helped !!! i have amazed myself at how strong and focused i have become on beating this and not dwelling on the negatives !! ( i am human though and do have the odd moment !) please remember we are all individuals and treatments vary from each person, you will get through it and it isnt easy but you will !
please let us know how you get on
love galen x

Anne - so very sorry to hear of your news and hasten to send you some words of encouragement. I had very similar to you 17 years ago - had a WLE and lymph node biopsy (it was long before Sentinel node procedure), followed by radiotherapy and Tamoxifen. You will find so much support on this forum and do please ask ANY questions you want however trivial you may think they are. You will get through this and I can promise you there is life after breast cancer and good quality of life. The waiting is the worse but try to keep busy and a positive attitude. I send you a big hug.

Thank you so much for replying and offering support. As you say I now just want to have the surgery and be told what treatment I am going to need. I have found telling people hard, but once I have told them it seems easier somehow. I am going to have a positive attitude - this is not going to beat me - I have two children that I want to see grow up. Wow 17 years ago - that gives me so much hope and encouragement.

Hi Anne,

I wanted to post like olivia to say there is life after breast cancer and yes - good quality too. I was also dx 17 years ago this month at the age of 45 with invasive ductal with a 5cm tumour. Today there is so much more available than 17 years ago - just hang in there - this waiting I always found to be the hardest time.


Hi Anne, just want to say sorry you had to join us…

im 30 was diagnosed 5 weeks ago with invasive ductal stage 3, scince iv had WLE and sential node then it showed up a second tumor plus positive nodes so had to go back in to get auxilary clearnce and more breast taken recovering from that now and waiting to start chemo in few weeks…

the waiting is the worst my heart goes out to you, i was one of the lucky ones and had no reall wating thank god…i also havae 2 children ages 10 and 5, i got a book from breast care nurse on how to tell your children it is very good and explains things to them in their language,
i will also say to you any help you are offered take it as you will have days where you are dragging youself around…
and look at them 2 women that had it 17 years ago that is an inspiration to us all…
we are all here to support one another i find this site a god sent, it is great to chat to people who actually no whwt we are feeling and going true…

all the best and do let us no how you get on

lots of love