Just diagnosed with secondary cancer in the bones

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I had my primary diagnosis in 2012. I finished treatment in October that year and was on Tamoxifen up until last Friday when an MRI showed extensive mets in the lumbar spine, hips and thighs. Just had a bone and CT scan to show up where else it is. The onc has offered chemo but wants to do a biopsy of the cancer. Has anyone had a biopsy from bone before? How does it work? Still getting over the shock as I had 4 all clears but noone looked at my bones…

Hi Dotty I’m sorry to hear about your bone met diagnosis. I had primary bc in 2009 and had finished 5 years of tamoxifen with 6 monthly checkups which only checked breasts. I was diagnosed with bone mets in my pelvis and skull a year ago, picked up during an investigation for something else unrelated. it was a big shock and seemed like the end of my world but I’m still active and relatively healthy a year later. You’ll find many women on this forum in a similar position who have come through the initial shock and panic and have, to varying degrees, come to terms with their new situation and made changes to their lives to live with it.
I had a bone biopsy in my pelvis. It was guided in part by x-ray, in part by a ct scan. I had a local anasthetic. It hurt a bit but the pain was not bad. I had to lie very still. They had to drill through the outer hard shell of the bone to reach the soft bit in the middle (sorry, a bit light on technical terms} I had to stay in hospital for a few hours afterwards to make sure there were no complications, Everyone was extremely kind and reassuring.There had been a bit of a delay in organising the biopsy so my oncologist had already started me on exemestane because he thought a diagnosis of secondary bc was likely and myeloma had already been ruled out.

I hope your biopsy goes OK. Follow the ‘Bone mets please join in’ thread to find out about other people’s experiences and share you own. Hugs xx


Yes Dotty j, I couldnt put it better myself, Boneeisis has said it all, I guess they are doing a bone biopsy to just check its a met from bc, and rule out a different cancer. Sounds very likely its bc…but good that they are checking!

i was diagnosed withbone and liver mets in about 2013/4 and have had to come to terms…actually my bone mets dont so far give me any problems( fingers and toes crossed) however the liver ones do from time to time.


see you on the bone mets thread. You will be in good company there. Lots of us about!


hugs, Moijanx

Hiya dotty
Welcome to our threads and like the previous replies you will find a lot of kindness and support here.
It’s always devasting to get the secondary dx …we have all been there and got the tee shirt.
The bone Mets thread is busy and sometimes very light hearted but if u have any questions you will get quick replies as sometimes it gets 400 views a day from ladies .
Carolyn xx

Hi dotty, sorry yoou have had to join us. I started ot in 2014 with skin mets which spread to my pelvis and spine earler this year (along with pleural mets) so its fairly new to me. Cant help on the biopsy front but think its been covered by the others. Just wanted you to know we are all here for you. xx