Just diagnosed

Hi I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcenoma Wed 14th October and my WLE surgery is scheduled for 2nd November. I missed my routine screening in January and was unable to get fitted in again. Thankfully I noticed my lump and had a speedy diagnosis.

I have two weeks exactly to get in the best shape I can for surgery. I am overweight and unfit and I know I can’t change that in two weeks but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Also any general advice from those of you who have already trodden this path.

I had the same and the best thing is start now as you mean to go on - this is a life changing experience. A good diet is a must and I started walking to the local shops, then a bit further and now walk 5 miles a day. I dont jog! Anything you can do to help your body get through this. If you just walk around the block its a start!

I take it as a day surgery - I was allowed home in the evening. Take something comfortable to go home in - I just wore comfortable pants and tshirt and a cardigan on top. I took a bath bag with just a face cloth, towel and moisturiser so that I could wash and get dressed and then go home quickly. I used the hospital gowns 1 to wear and 1 as a dressing gown. I used my flip flops as slippers and to go to and home with as I had my son with a car. Wear something that is easy to do up so that you dont struggle getting it over your head and arm in. I didnt bother with my bra on the way home and I asked the doctor for extra anti sickness pills as I get very nauseous so do ask for pain killers and anti nausea tabs. I wasnt in pain as such but a little uncomfortable if I forgot about it and I did! Take a book with you as there could be some waiting around.

I think you will be ok as it is over and done with very quickly.

I also had a wire fitted and walked down to breast clinic where they put it in (didnt hurt at all) and then walked with the nurse to the operating theatre where we joked and they put me to sleep.

I had a really good day considering and the hospital was fantastic - I did have more treatment but I didnt have to wait too long for results.

Best of luck and dont worry - you know better than anyone what you need to do and you have lots of time to prepare yourself.


Thanks Daisy for your reassuring words, I am indeed going in for the day only which did surprise me. I too get very nauseous after anaesthetics and will certainly ask for any helpful tablets.

I have realised this is going to change my life completely and it really is a wake up call to start taking better care of myself. Less wine, more exercise is the future for me.

I have been reading about swelling after the op and don’t do pain very well so I am very nervous but trying to remain positive.

i can honestly say you wont have alot of pain after the op,i had 2 ops lumpectomy and then a masectomy,the wa

sorry,the worst bit is waitin for the results,im sure u will be fine,i am on my last chemo,and it asnt been that bad sayin that im dreadin the last xxxx

Hiya island girl

hope I can be of some help to you as I have just come home from hospital after having a lumpectomy and some lymph nodes removed.

I went in on Tuesday, had the wire fitted and wheeled down to theatre on the same day.

I was put on a ward Tuesday evening and was in hospital until Friday as i had to have a drain fitted on account of having these lymph nodes removed.

Firstly, I am quite overweight thanks to successfully giving up smoking 4 yrs ago. From the time of diagnosis to time of op, it’s impossible to get in shape but nothing about it was mentioned to me so I’d concentrate on just pampering yourself for a few days if I were you.

I came home on Friday, still with the drain attached. This was a bit of a drag, having to remember to pick it up every time I stood up and also making sure my dogs didn’t think it was a new toy…urgh…

I went back to hospital on Sunday and they took the drain out. Today I am a bit sore but it’s not too bad and codeine seems to deal with it.

Sounds like your op is going to be a lot easier so try not to worry too much

As others have said to me. It’s the waiting that’s the worse. Ones imagination can run riot at times like this.

Be calm, it really isn’t bad. x


Being overweight, unless you are really very obese shouldn’t a problem with anaesthetics. The most important aspect is that your chest is clear so if you smoke, stopping now will be much better for your recovery. Other than that, there is not much you can do in so short a time to prepare. If the anaesthetists have any misgivings about your general health, they would say so. Anaesthesia this day is very safe and far less likely to make you feel sick than before

Good luck

I am finding these comments very reassuring thank you. It is the wait that I find difficult, I don’t know if anything is spreading while I wait!

I am sure it is psychosomatic but I am feeling as though I have something under my arm all the time.

Still I have accepted I have what I have and nothing can change that until the op.

Thanks again.


just wanted to wish you luck and to tell you to try not to worry or imagine the worst -step by step is the best way to go…anything you do feel wobbly about do ask here as there’s huge amounts of information and comfort in abundance on this forum. You look stunning in your profile pic by the way.

Hi Island girl,
just wanted to wish you well. I found that psychological well being was the most important thing for me - I spent time with family and friends, relaxed as much as I could and generally was kind to myself. I hope things go well for you - I had WLE in July and found it and the recovery period very straight forward. (I had lumpectomy and mastectomy in 1997, also, and found the situation very similar then).
It IS life changing, but not all at once, and existing support networks are a wonderful thing. My advice would be to continue doing the things you enjoy, and drop the things you don’t, where you can.
Hope surgery goes well and that the outcome is as positive as possible
take care
Monica xx

PS, I agree with Chipper, you look stunning in your photo

island girl, you’re in the same place emotionally that I was two weeks ago, I was having all sorts of symptoms after my diagnosis! Once you’ve had the op you really will feel much calmer, and the op is fine, please don’t worry. be thinking of you x

Island Girl just wanted to say good luck and do come back and let us know how you got on. Lots of support and good advice and info here.

Dont think too much - just divert your thoughts - afterwards I think you will think the physical part wasnt so bad and just the imagination cant be switched off. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

I found trying not to think too hard about it all was sometimes impossible but the reality wasnt as frightening.

This is all too scary at the moment but with a treatment plan you get to stabilise a bit.

Good luck and hope it all goes well.


suffolk scouser *nudges* jpangel… girl we really must stop meeting like this … LOL
Island girl I had my lumpectomy and SNB done 2 weeks ago, I asked to stay in overnight as I was feeling so out of it, tho perhaps having my own room helped! What i have found is so many of us have the same proceedure but we all may recover differently.For me it was a relief having the op and then feeling on a high that I woke up! since then my emotions have been on a roller coaster whilst waiting for my results.Just go with the ride and scream, laugh, cry… whatever.
On the exercise front I can understand your concerns, powerwalking is a great one (I did the moonwalk marathon power walk few years back)Plenty of stuff to download of the net if you set yourself a target for the next 2 weeks walking everyday and increasing distance/speed you will see a difference and then when recovered it will be easy to resume.Ideally a freind(s) to walk with helps, but also just alone some music on maybe listen to a talking book.Let me know if you need any more info *hugs* ~deb~

Hi Island Girl, By the look of your beautiful photograph I don’t think you need to do much before you have your op (except perhaps to try to give up smoking if you do smoke). I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it but if you want to do some more exercise, go for it, if not, don’t. I personally don’t think it will change anything for you and like Monica my main worry was how was I going to cope with all this mentally. I believe in “everything in moderation” and " A little of what you fancy does you good". The waiting for results is the hardest thing to cope with but once a plan of treatment is laid out I find things a bit easier to deal with. I wish there had been support like this when I was first diagnosed 20 years ago but there wasn’t. I only joined this forum by chance a few months ago and have found the support here is great. Good luck with your treatment and we would love to hear how you are doing so keep posting. Love Val (Scottishlass).

Hi islandgirl

I would like to reiterate everything that has been said to you so far by all the lovely ladies on here !! The op ( had mine on 21st Aug) is really not at all bad and I found my recovery was quite quick too.

Like you, whilst waiting for my op after diagnosis (on 31st July), I was convinced I could feel things happening and swelling in my lymph nodes under my armpit. Unfortunately this coincided with our pre booked family holiday…! Anyway, it must have all been in my mind as my lymph nodes were clear. I think it is just fear/imagination running riot with all the uncertainty whilst waiting for results.

Hope that reassures you a bit ??

Wishing you all the best and lots of luck

Anna xx