Just diagnosed

I didn’t want to jump on anyone else’s thread but have been to I have cancer today after three months of toing and froing. I just feel really angry that this has happened to me I don’t smoke drink etc no family history. Just need someone to talk to. Thanks Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,please feel free to jump on any threads you like ,we are all here for the same reason because we needed someone to talk to who really understood.What have you been told about your diagnosis ?The first few days after diagnosis are really really hard but it does get better .Jill.

Not that much as I have to have an mri to see if it’s spread as nothing showed up on mammo and ultra and I was initially discharged until 1st biopsy came back inconclusive then 2nd which I went for results of today confirmed it. He think a lumpectomy will remove followed by radio and medication he said chrmo unlikely which I most dreading, but I’ll know more when I go back for results of scan. I forgot to say on previous post I’m 41 so not in high risk age category cant believe it’s happened

Thank you Jill btw x

Sounds like you have lobular cancer which doesn’t always show up on mammogram /ultrasound .I was diagnosed last May (2015) and got to know a lot of ladies through this site ,we are all still well and living our normal lives so fingers crossed you will be the same .

MRI is standard for lobular as can’t be seen on mammogram helps the surgeon with decision re the surgery you need .

Hi Jill after reading your comments and looking it up it does sound like that. I will know more at MRI results. The waiting is worst particularly as I suffer from anxiety not that it’s any easier for anyone else I’m sure. X

Yes it’s absolutely awful the anxiety, whether you already suffer from anxiety issues or not.R u on medication already ,may be worth speaking to GP to see what they can do to help if not .

I have been on medication for years but it’s not doing anything so as I have to go to the gp tomorrow to get signed off from work I’ll ask if he can give me something else. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. X

Have anxiety/panic issues myself so understand.May be worth trying different medication if current one not helping.

Hi Rebecca, I’m sorry you find yourself here but I hope you will find the help and support a comfort, I was diagnosed last year too and along with Jill and many other ladies we pulled each other through! The anxiety was horrendous but it will ease and you will begin to get on top of it and cope, I was 46 when diagnosed and felt too young but seeing girls in their 20’s here I now feel lucky to have escaped so long! Xx

Hi jobey I kind of always thought I would get it for some reason but not as soon but as you say there are girls in 20s on here. Xx

Hi Rebecca, I’m so sorry you’ve found yourself here but I promise you that there will always be someone here  who is going through or has been through the same as you and therefore knows exactly how you are feeling.


I was diagnosed in Feb and also had to have an mri as my tumour didn’t show up on the mammogram, though it did show on the ultrasound. The mri did not show anything else. My cancer was invasive ductal carcinoma and they also found an area of dcis after the first operation which resulted in a second operation.  I didn’t have chemo but did have radiotherapy which finished in June and I have been on Tamoxifen since April.  All in all I got through it ok, the early days were tough emotionally but I felt much better once I had a treatment plan in place.  You will get through it and you will at some point see light at the end of the tunnel, it just takes a little while to see it.  I hope your results are all ok.  Michelle xx

Hi Rebecca, I’m recently diagnosed too, no history, smoking, drink a little and healthy lifestyle. It’s rubbish, really is but we just go to get on with it. Where are you hun? I’m in the north east and the process here seams fairly quick and organised (although the waiting is torture) hugs xxx

Hi Julie I’m in Kent they have been very efficient so far although I was discharged after my first biopsy and it was only after the second biopsy they found it even the cons said he was surprised. I’m just at the drs waiting to see my gp to get a sick note for work and hopefully something for my nerves. Since yesterday I’ve noticed weird dimpling in my nipple I don’t know if it has been there for sometime and I’ve somehow not noticed I have obviously been checking and prodding that area a lot so maybe my mind was trying to protect me I believe denial can be very powerful. At least it confirms it there’s no mistake. Xx

Hello everyone,


Hope ok to jump in and just wanted to say Im sorry to hear you have joined the breast cancer club :frowning:


I was interested in your comments about lobular cancer not being seen on mammograms or ultra sound scans and wondering therefore how you knew to get an MRI scan?  I have not had one of these scans at all but have this type of cancer which was seen on mammogram.  It has worried me a bit regarding spread of cancer.


Can anyone shed any light?


I have just had my op 3 weeks ago for grade 2 lobular cancer and waiting for radiotherapy.



I think it is sometimes more difficult to see the cancer or the exact size of the cancer on the mammogram /ultrasound with lobular cancer ,so some surgeons recommend MRI scan to help decide on type of surgery required and minimise risk of second op due to no clear margins .Your team must have been happy they could see the tumour clearly enough.If you are worried you could ring BC nurse and ask why they didn’t do MRI .They are looking for clearer picture of breast tissue rather than spread .

Hi Lou

I was advised by the consultant that I would have an mri scan as nothing showed up on the mammo and it is the only way to check if it’s spread. I don’t know for sure if it’s lobular as that is just what has been suggested on here it may not be hence your means of diagnosis has been different to mine so far. Xx

Also having re read Jill’s comments the mri is maybe not even checking for spread they just want a clearer picture of breast tissue. It was a lot to take in the other day ?So could easily got it wrong. X

Hi Jill one question what do they mean about clear margins? Thanks x