Just diagnosed

It’s been a whirlwind & I’m not coping. I was severely depressed b4 hand & now I have 3 cancerous lumps in my left breast & 1 cancerous lymph node.
THEY want to take my breast away & all lymph nodes within 3 weeks.
Why can’t they zap them mother******* lumps with chemo or radiotherapy??? Why can’t they just remove the cancer.
I’m a mess as I expect everyone else was/is in same situation.

So sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed Mumgonemad, you are reeling from shock at the mo & yes, you’re right, we all have similar feelings at this stage. 

This stage does tend to be the worst part in dealing with this, because of the shock & the treatment plan has yet to be finalised, so it is a whirlwind rollercoaster. 

Coming to terms with what needs to happen takes time, but your team will work out the best treatment for you, to get it sorted out. 

It does get better. 

It can help not to think to far ahead & just take each appointment a stage at a time. 

Do come & chat or vent whenever you need to & there is the helpline to talk things through. 

Sending hugs

ann x


And welcome to the forum.

So sorry that you’ve found yourself here.

Your team will offer the right treatment for you. Be guided by what they recommend. It is so hard to come to terms with the diagnosis in the first couple of weeks but things will get easier.

Please feel free to come and chat on here. You will get lots of support from all these lovely ladies.

Sending a hug

Sue xx

Thank you for your messages.
I did actually cry a little last night but then I do my usual thing, push to back of mind to be dealt with at later date. I had to tell my 26yr old son with special needs yesterday which went better than expected.
I haven’t got a date for pre op yet which is supposed to be next week at singleton hospital. When Drs have results back from bloods & lung function tests they will give me a date for surgery.
Apparently the ONLY option available to me is mastectomy. Dr said i won’t need chemo or radiotherapy.
Nurse said if I go for reconstruction surgery they will only go as far as a C cup which will make me decidedly lopsided as I’m a G cup.
So my other boob will be reduced to C.
I don’t want any of this. How could it have gone from clear mammogram 3 yrs ago to 3 cancerous lumps & a lymph node???
Stage 1 is good apparently but wot does stage 2, 3 etc mean? Nurse coming see me at home on Monday. My son is going to be there so he can ask any questions he needs answering. The other 3 apparently don’t need to be there and I haven’t seen them since I told them on Tuesday. We supposed be close family & now I have my doubts

Hello Mumgonemad. Sorry you find yourself here but as others have said this is the worst part of it all and the path will become clearer and easier to deal with.

From your initial message you understandably seem upset at the thought of the surgery. I hope, as someone who has been through mastectomy and reconstruction, that I can reassure you it is not as horrific as it sounds. I was terrified too but is was so much less traumatic than anticipated. The surgeons can do amazing things.

I am on the train to work right now and not good using my phone for typing but will be happy to try to answer any questions you have about surgery later when I am in front of a keyboard.

You WILL get through this.

Ruth xx

Hi Mumgonemad,
There are many of us who’ve had clear mammos, only to get a diagnosis 3 years later, this happened to me, but thankfully, it has been picked up now & can be dealt with.
There is an explanation of staging on the main bcc website here, but essentially it refers to the size of the tumour & whether the nodes are affected, with 1 where the tumour is small & contained, to 3 where the nodes are affected. 2, of course, is in-between.
Obviously this whole thing is a shock & there’s a lot to get your head around, but it’s positive only surgery is being considered.
Do take care.
ann x

Thank you Ann x

Hi Mum I too had a totally clear mammogram 3 years ago and went for my rountine one in July to then find out I have stage 2 breast cancer, i went to total pieces in the car park after being told, I had held it together until I got out, then spent the next few days being fine one moment then in bits the next, sometimes it is like it is happening to someone else, but it does get better, I have had my surgery and awaiting oncotype test results to see if I have to have chemo or not, and for me the waiting is the worst part… The ladies on here have been my saviours and kept me sane and will always be here to listen and give their support. Take care and wishing you all the best xxx

Thank you for ur message Peanut.
I’m praying you don’t need any more treatment x
This cancer that affects so many is a *******

Hi mumgonemad


I’m so sorry to hear this. If you want to speak to a volunteer who’s been in a similar situation, then just let us know through this link. Someone from Breast Cancer Care will then get in touch to arrange for a volunteer to speak to you if you think this might be helpful. 



Emily x

Hi mumgonemad,

I’m just getting treatment in Prince Phillip Llanelli for stage 2 & im having a mastectomy on Thursday. It’s absolutely terrifying but if it means I’m going to have a healthy boob then I’ll manage. This community has been wonderful. Not only to ask questions but to just have a proper rant without judgement & everyone here is here to support you.

Good luck with everything xxx

Hi Welshmam, I know Prince Philip hospital. I would of been going there but wanted a female surgeon (reasons I won’t go into) so I’ve gotta go to Neath.
Best of luck for Thursday. I hope they get it all & No chemo or radiotherapy are needed.
Everything moves so quick but not quick enough. Sounds odd I know but I’m sure all you ladies know wot I’m talking abt.
I’m still calm & pushing all thought out of my head. I will be bricking it wen get my date.
Will be thinking of you on Thursday xx

Best wishes for your treatment. As for your family, don’t worry you will have their support. They will be in shock too and finding ways to process this and thinking of ways to help, good that you have nurse visiting to talk to you and your son.
My 3 grown up children are all dealing with this differently but have all been there in their own way xx

We all deal differently & my way is denial for now lol

I lived in denial for a long time after having my surgery quite quickly. Even now going through chemo it sometimes feels like I’m living someone else’s life!

Thanks Chaff & Jen. I thought I was a bit weird cos I’ve not really cried & my mum says I’m too calm!!
I have the breast care nurse coming 9am tomorrow.
I think it may sink in a little more durung/after her visit x

Breast care nurse been today.
Reconstruction is slim to no chance without a normal BMI
Cos I’m fat I don’t get my left tit back.
Feeling it today ladies.
I was feeling suicidal before this happened!!!

I just wanted to send you a massive hug xxx
You will feel all over the place, these next couple of weeks. But this will pass, especially after your recovery from surgery. It is an awful time…we’ve all been there…but it will get easier.
Sue xx