just feeling a bit low

just feeling a bit low

just feeling a bit low just feeling a bit low…got mammogram on 24th, which obviously doesn’t help…my friend who i met through bc
is dying…my daughter and her partner having relationship problems…constantly worrying about finances…can manage to get by
Sorry to be so miserable just can’t seem to lift myself…i want to be able to spend more time with my grandchildren and friends and family…but feel like i’ve never got enough hours in the day [work 2 - 3 days a week]…husband is great but sometimes doesn’t understand…not his fault though.
this whole thing is s**t.

a very down

Help for you Hi Karen,

I am sorry you are having such a difficult time at the moment, please feel free to contact our free phone helpline on 0808 800 6000 if you would like to talk to someone in confidence about how you are feeling at the moment.

Everyone on our helpline either has experience of breast cancer or is a breast care nurse. The team comes from a variety of backgrounds, so callers get to talk to someone who has an understanding of the issues they’re facing. The team is able to talk about both technical and emotional issues surrounding breast cancer and breast health.

You may also find of interest Breast Cancer Care’s peer support service. This puts you in touch with someone who has personal experience of breast cancer or benign breast conditions and has been trained to listen and offer emotional support. We do our best to match you with someone who has experienced the issues that are most important to you, you will find the link below.


Kind regards
BCC Host

Hi Karen Sorry to hear that you have been feeling down and really hope that you feel a little better today. Just wanted to send you a hug and a hope that you can treat yourself to something - or do something just for yourself.

take care


Thank you Sunshine… …my friend is now in a hospice, had a few rough days being upset about her, but trying to pull myself together as she has been a fighter all the way through and has shown remarkable courage…dreading the mammogram…i know we all do.

thanks for the hug

karen x

Hi Karen I am so sorry about your friend. She will be well looked after in the hospice and I hope that is of some comfort.

Can understand you dreading the mammogram. Good luck. Mines scheduled for 6 March - trying not to think about it.

Hope you are having a good weekend.


hi sunshine i know we all dread the mammograms and check ups don’t we.

hope yours goes ok in march.

had a busy weekend had grandchildren for weekend , first time had both over night [chanels 3 and jaden 1].

hope your weekend has gone well.

take care

Hi Karen Hi Karen

Sorry not been around for a couple of days,just read your post, sorry you are feeling a bit down. I am back now and sending you some yellow vibes to get you through…will be thinking of you on the 24/1 and sending positive yellow thoughts. Don’t know if i told you…yellow is my favorite colour at the moment…

Take care

Hugs Elainexx

hi karen Good luck for Weds. Gosh, I remember when my children were 3 and 1 and what a handful they were but absolutely delightful. (They’re 18 and 20 now). Hope you had fun.

We had a lovely weekend, thank you. Went swimming, saw my brother who is shortly about to move abroad for 3 years, and went to see 'Miss Potter ’ at the cinema. A lovely feel good film.

best wishes


sunshine and elaine Thank you both very much for your msgs.
Glad you had a good weekend sunshine, my children are 28, 24 and 23…and guess what youngest 2 are boys and still at home !!!

Elaine…yes I had noticed that yellow is your favourite colour at mo’ !!!
at least it’s a nice cheerful colour…when do you start your new job and what is it doing?..hope rad’s are going ok…how many are left?

thanks again both


hi karen how did it go today? I had mine last week and it wasnt anywhere near as painful as i thought it would be! phoned up for results on monday and it was fine, no recurrence or any thing nasty. I’m sure it will be the same for you. when will you get results? they told me a few weeks but that is too long to wait after everything so I just phoned a few days later and the nurse was more than happy to give me them.
take care annie x

Hello my friend Hi Karen,

How did it go today…will be glad when you get back to cyber holidays…missed you today…

I have 5 sessions of rads to go and counting, finish on 31/1/07 then i start my new job on Monday 5/2/07, its working as a customer advisor for a mobile phone company, not sales though had enough of that in my previous job…

Am also looking to buy a house in the near future so have plenty to occupy my mind…

See you soon


chin up karen Hi Karen,

know exactly how you are feeling, and although people say you have to be possitive which is true, although some days it is difficult.

one of my lowest points was when my daughter told me she was pregnant, I was moved to tears but could not tell anyone that I was crying because my first thought was will I live to see this baby grow up, so I have learned to focus more on my good health as my grandson will be three in february, so on my low days I look back and although aware that it is still early days for me I am grateful that I have the good health to enjoy my grandson & all my family.

hi nighshift …thank you for your msg.
Yes some days it is difficult to be positive.
I know the thought you had when your daughter told you she was pregnant well…I am very pleased that you are enjoying your grandson

my mammogram was ok…thank goodness
my friend however is really not too good…have been to see her today and she has deteriorated since i saw her last week…it’s awful because you feel so helpless.

take care

hi karen great news that mammogram was ok, thats such a relief.

i am so very sorry to hear that your friend is so bad. please dont feel helpless because you are doing all that you can by going to see her and being her friend.

lots of love and hugs, annie x