Just feeling down

I have had cancer twice now both breast and secondary but have got through them both so i should be glad but it is always in the back of my mind.It dose not help that i donot have the same engery levels i use to have and get tired quickly. (oLD AGE I SUPOSE 49YRS OLD)
I have recently had blood tests and my liver function is a little iregular and i have to return in a month to get it checked. Also have lower back ache which has been driving me mad on and off for months. I am due to go to the hospital in June when they say they will send me for a bone scan.
I know that my cancer will return one day…i have been told that but it is living with the uncertainty of how long. Most people of my age are looking forward to retirement and what they are going to do with their time.
All i wonder is will i still be here when i finish working at 65. Awful to say but i supose it is something i have to think about. Just wish i could pack up work and please myself but needs must and cannot afford to leave work.
Sorry just feeling sorry for myself today but does anyone else feel like this sometimes.

Dear Lupin, there is absolutely no need for you to apologise for how you are you feeling. From my own experience, it is an awful, persistent feeling that, however optimistic I might be, never seems to shift itself. I also share similar feelings about work/retirement. I was diagnosed with primary multifocal, grade 3 IDC in December 2007 (I was 37 when I was diagnosed) and I am really upset at the likely prospect that I will not reach retirement age but would have had to have spent my years leading up to it working, and possibly in a job that I don’t particularly enjoy.

I am sure others will be able to give you more comfort than I have but I just wanted to acknowledge those feelings that you are experiencing.


i know this is an old thread - and you may not read this. I am in a situation that sounds similar - balancing what I need to have a happy life with needing to work to afford it.

I just dont get why it needs to be this way - I dont seem to feel like a victim in terms of getting the cancer as I know this happens to lots of people. my anger is from having to work really hard to keep my job and afford the lifestyle i thouhgt i was going to have.

but I suppose this happens to lots of people too (esp diagnosed in late 40’s or younger)

lets imagine us all receiving lots of money or job offers that we would love to do! Lisa x

Hi, i live near Bolton and would love to chat and meet up for a
coffee with anyone in similar circumstances. I haven’t told my
family yet. Will see breast care nurse tomorrow and probably
surgeon later in the week. Does anyone have any idea if Bolton
hospital is ok, i’m new in this area.

I too was diagnosed with non-invasive DCIS & recommended a mastectomy & sentinel lymph nodes removal. But, having thought & read a lot about it - & having scans which showed that No, the cancer had not spread - I decided NOT to have mastectomy.

But - just get on with my life. Truly think there’s a lot of over-diagnosis & over-treatment.

It’s a option. Your choice.