just feeling lonley

hi everybody just feeling really low at moment. started tamoxifen 2 weeks ago on a real downer. fed up with the world. ARG HHHHHHHH. missing my ex cant stop crying at nights wish i could be angry with him, then maybe it would stop hurting. keep running through my head will anybody ever find me attractive again. it was so hard when got diagnosed in Feb. got to my last chemo and he left me, then my mate died she had had BC i miss her. her son and my daughter are best friends and it seems that every week at school there doing something to raise money for breast cancer, don’t get me wrong its great but its in mine and my daughter’s face. I’m sorry i really shouldn’t feel like that should i.
im fed up with having no money its been such a struggle since he left.Having to go back to work looking forward to it in one way but a little scared. just wanna get on with my life but i feel that I’m stuck in limbo, bloody money why does it always have to get in the way. well thank you I’ve had moan sorry if I’ve depressed anybody just feel so LOST AND LONLEY. TC everybody sending all of you love hugs and luck. me

Tricky, big hugs (((((((((((())))))))))))))

I am still at the beginning of my journey (dx Aug, mx and recon Sept and just had 1st FEC) and still have my OH (even if he an be a ***) and my best friend is 18 months clear from BC but I know what it feels like to hurt lots and often on this journey as I often cant stop crying, cant see it ever getting better, hate how my life has changed and think it will never be the same. I know I am not in your particular shoes but hopefullysomeone will be able to say something more comforting than I but I just wanted to send you a hug as quick as possible so you didn’t feel too lost and loney for too long, xxxxxxxxxxx

Bigs hugs from me too. My situation is nothing like yours - but I’ve had a few ‘black hole’ moments and had to really struggle to stop myself from falling in. The struggle is worth it !

Like you I’m a bit sick of all the BC stuff that has been in your face lately … it sounds really ungrateful I know … and are there any books out there that don’t have someone with cancer in them!!

S x

hey tricky

this whole thing is a roller coaster - I have just been through a low myself and am about to have a rant too on “after treatment has finished” … to be honest I was glad to find yours as I just can;t hold mine in any longer!!

of course people will find you attractive again - providing you make the effort to look atractive - lets hope that once you are back to work you turn a corner - at the moment you’ve lost some of the things you were very comfortable with and not found the new things yet - which could be far better …

sending you a big hig and hope that getting back to work gets the wheels moving again
love FB xx

Hi Tricky
oh, you poor thing. What a lot you are going through. I ‘only’ have the secondary breast cancer and that is bad enough - I am not sure how I could cope if anything else major in my life went wrong.
I have been feeling a bit low the last few days but do feel better now…you are going through a lot so don’t be hard on yourself. You will feel better and why shouldn’t people find you attractive again.
Lots of thoughts
Ena x

Hi Tricky

I am sorry to read that you are going through such a difficult time at the moment, have you thought about joining in our live chats? There is an expert breast care nurse and a trained facilitator present to run the session. There is one this evening, at 9pm just go to;


type in your user name and password and join the chat.

For further support please call our helpline where you can speak to someone in confidence on 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes

Just wanted to say its okay to be fed up and angry-you have been thru a hell of a lot.This so called journey we go on is a bloody nightmare but hope things will gradually improve for you.You might find that having a peer supporter would help as you can talk to someone who has had a similar situation to you and is happy to let you vent and support you.
sending love and hugs-although l was not in the same situation as you l am now 4yrs from diagnosis and it does get easier-l hate the bloody disease but am determined to get on with life.Feel free to pm me if you fancy a virtual chat.

Hi Tricky so sorry to hear your having tough time right now. The saying “it never rains it pours” is so true. I was diagnosed with BC last year 2 months after my dad died 1 month after my uncle died. Just thought what else can He throw at me. Was a very low time did’nt think i’d come out the other side but 14 months on things are improving don’t get me wrong i still have crap times but thay are getting less.I won’t waffle on…Be gentle on yourself.

Sending big hugs.

thank you ALL
this site does pick me up, ur all so kind,. been trying to pick myself up but still more down days than up gotta keep going up though got my little girl. Not looking forward to Xmas though my ex has left me with so many debts trying desperately to get a job so i can stop having these extra pressures. Going for counseling at the moment helping a bit. oh well all of you keep safe healthy and happy HUGE HUGS BIG LOVE