Just finished chemo

Will be joining you guys on 14th July, all advice and help welcome.

Onc has already told me i will burn cos of BIG BOOBS


Hi Linda
I have big ones too and the problem is actually underneath.I have completed 10 and it is just starting to be slightly painful, but very red and moist.They have given me antiseptic cream and told me to let as much air at it as poss.I have a small hand held fan from pound shop and I have been blowing that on it to try and keep it dry#

Good luck


Thanks for that Mary

have to say I am dreading rads as much as chemo, chemo was doable, I can cope with tiredness hairloss and sickness, but not pain, am a whimp really



Hi Linda
I have bumped up 2 threads. One that was sent me about Anger and one that I started called first one done but–

It is much easier than chemo just more impersonal.and that is harder.There is no pain,just use the aqueous cream they give you,
I will look out for your posts after your first one

Take Care


Hi Linda

Rads is not painful, please don’t worry about that, if you have come through chemo in one peace God willing you’ll sail through this.



Hi Linda

You might find it useful to have a look at the BCC information sheet on radiotherapy. It can be found by following the link below:-


I hope you find it helps.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

Hi Linda

I start my rads on 16th July so will be doing it at the same time. My planning is 2nd July. I have absolutely enormous boobs and the onc has explained to me that the problem will be that the underside of the breast will rub against the rib cage. My BCN has given me some gauze dressings to put one under my breast to keep the skin apart, she has also stressed that once I finish rads she will be on call to help and support with dressings and creams. I have a desk-type fan at the ready (have read about cooling it down twice a day) and I read another tip on here that after a shower, dry your breast with a hairdryer on cool setting.

How many rads are you having? I am having 15 and hope therefore to finish on 5th August. Good luck to everyone having rads.

Louise x

Hi Louise

Thanks for those tips, nice to have someone “to share rads experience” with

I have had the dummy run today and another 2 tattoos,
I have to have 28 rads + 5 boosters, am really not looking forward to this at all, it all seems so impersonal after chemo. I will be so happy when it is all over.

I am going up to the lakes for a few days before it starts, cant wait to get away for a few days.

I thought I maybe able to swim on rads I know some ppl have done but my onc has said it would be best if I didnt.


Have a good break away Linda. We are going away too, just to escape for a short break. Weather forecast terrible but never mind!

I hated my planning session, I felt like a piece of meat, after being treated with dignity and respect by everyone before this. I will choose a visualisation to do when I go for the actually frying, so that I can feel it is not me it is happening to.

yes, I have been told not to swim until skin completely healed up

Take care

Louise x

Hi all, I start rads on 10th but although everyone says it is easy after chemo I am a little less reassured after my recent experience. For my last 2 chemos I had a persistant cough which surgery said was asthma which I do get sometimes in hayfever season. At my planning session the onc. listened to my chest and sent me for x ray but all was clear. The day after my temp rose to the dreaded 38 and I went to surgery they sent in bloods all ok. Still temp over 38 so rang hosp. told to wait till day 10 and call again if still up. Day 9 my son took temp 39.2 and rang again so hosp said come in. I was finally diagnosed with chest infection and put on antibiotic drip. My blood count flatlined on day 10 and while i was tried with every drug my temp still stayed up. I won’t even mention the struggle to find veins except to say it’s not fun with a drip in your feet. Having been told there was one more drug to try (my imagination went wild at this point) I suddenly coughed up a blood clot and asked the nurse if it was normal. Oh yes i was told but when I mentioned it to Dr. I was sent for scan and finally after 10 days in hosp they found clots in both lungs and now I am on warfarin for 6 months. I came out of hosp last Thurs and still feel very weak. So don’t blame me for feeling nervous about Thurs. and a warning to keep pushing for help when you know something is wrong. I certainly waited too long.

Hi Jennym,

I was supposed to have had 6x FEC, After second I developed breathlessness which was put down to anaemia. Nobody suggested listening to my chest!

Eventually I did . It transpires I have pneumonia - I’ve been really poorly. In fact my onc. has decided not to continue with the other 3 FEC.

One suggestion was that the injection which helps stimulate the white blood cells in the marrow may have been responsible.

After eight weeks I am just starting to feel a bit better. I constantly have this wave of dampness come over me - no temperature.

I thought it might be to do with the bronchial infection, Someone has suggested it maybe as a result of the chemo. A bit like the body detoxing.

Like you I would urge anyone not to ‘just accept’ the status quo. Idread to think what may have happened if I had accept the 'OH that’s anaemia causing your


I hope you continue to improve


P.S. If anyone else has experienced this damp clammy effect I would be grateful to hear from them.

Coleen x


How did your first rads go? I am due to start tomorrow, eek!

Louise x

Hi all I had my first rad. last Thurs and I am getting used to the meat on a slab feeling. It seems to take more time to get me in position than the the treatment. I soon got bored with counting the pink blossoms on the projection on the ceiling and have discovered all the numbers on the status screen so i watch them instead. We are finding that my request for early morning has backfired as have to get up at 6 to get to Bath for 8 o clock but I am counting down to the end now. Bit worried about the big boobs thing though as on recent experience with chemo if it can go wrong it will. Sore ribs from chest probs don’t like the bare table much but if that’s the least prob I am not complaining.

Hi all

Well I had my first rads yesterday, it was awful, I didnt line up and it took over 4 hours!!!, today wasnt too bad only there for an hour.

But after 2 sessions I am already red and sore, but was told this would not happen till around 14 days, does anyone know if this is normal or not?

I agree with feeling like a piece of meat on a slab though, and everyone talking over you as you dont exist

Six weeks seems a long way a way at the moment



Hi Jenny and Linda

My first one today. I was on the slab for 40 minutes cos I didnt line up either (was told it would only be 10 mins max) I felt despairing and started to cry, the tears just slid down the edges of my face and I couldnt wipe them away cos I was keeping still.No-one asked me if I was OK!!! They got the consultant and he said the margins were Ok so in the end it went ahead. Linda that is unusual after two goes, ask them tomorrow at the hosp. Jenny you will have some early starts, I recommend you go straight to bed for a nap when you get home. Princess Anne is coming to my hosp tomorrow, hopefully I will have been in and out before

Louise xx

Hi there

well almost the end of week 1. I am seeing onc today, a really worried about my boob it is bright red and swollenand very painful. Yesterday they couldnt line me up again and so was in for ages again. After everyone telling me rads was a walk in the park after chemo I have to disagree, this is far worse than chemo as far I am concerned

hope you are all getting on better than me

Love Linda

yes I felt very sad after my first Rad and wondered how I would cope with 15. But my second and third have been very straightforward. What did onc say about your boob, Linda?

Louise x

well getting ready for another week of rads

Onc was not concerned about my boobs, just continue as I was with creams showers etc.

He said it was because I was big breasted, to me it does not feel right, it feels hard and lumpy!!!

hope you are ok louise

Love Linda

Hi all.
I went in for 8th rad yesterday to find that my machine was not working. Luckily i was 1st in so did not have too much of a delay but had to phone today and was told to have a day off and one tacked on to end which is my little grandaughter’s 2nd birthday. so much for a day out at Longleat! So far boob just pink and a bit achy but the scar has gone very hard and seems to stand out more and the skin marks very easily. I keep looking at it as if it will explode any minute and plaster on the aqueous cream at least twice a day. It’s funny how you worry about the slightest thing. The team on machine two lined me up very quickly so I was thinking they were rushing it and how could I tell if they got it wrong etc. Talk about paranoid but I have learnt not to take anything for granted nowadays.
Hope everyone is ok.
love Jenny

Hi all

Have to agree Jenny, I am paranoid about everything, cant help it, I think my onc is getting fed up of me continually asking questions.

Well half way through second week and the sessions are getting easier, and the boob is getting bigger!!!

My last treatment is actually on my birthday.

Im not sure what i will do with myself when all the tratment is over

Love to you all