Just found out I have breast cancer

Hi. I don’t know really what I want to know here just seeking people how are or have been threw this . I found out I had breast cancer yesterday, I am only 27 and devastated. I will have to take tamoxifen after my operation and was wondering what side efforts people have had. X

Hi Gail, I am so sorry you have been diagnosed and especially so at such a young age, there will be so much going through your mind at the minute and I hope you have plenty of support around you ? Things will seem quite full on during this stage while you are having a treatment plan sorted out for you but it does start to settle and once you get under way you will amaze yourself with how well you will cope! Don’t worry about Tamoxifen, I’ve been on it for 15 months and am fine please don’t stress about the side effects you may read about, you won’t get them all! I guess you have just had initial biopsy results now ? Do you know anything about the type of BC you have? We have been through the lot between us here so can hopefully help with any questions you have and of course there will be plenty of support Xx Jo 

Hi jo . Thank you for replying I don’t know alot really yet . I am at level 2 with mine . I am waiting for mri scan then they are going a head with the operation. I have had my first biopsy done but I had to have another one done to see if two smaller lumps are also cancer . Then I will find out more about my operation and what treatment I need xx

Hi Gail I have been on tamoxifen for nearly 3 years. I told myself i would not have any side effects and I’ve been pretty lucky.I just take my pill when i go to bed at night and dont think about it.  I would say excercise as soon as you can but be kind to yourself first after surgery Don’t rush it! I dont know what kind of surgery you are having. I had a mastectomy and I’m 51! so being older will give me different symptoms or problems. I was a bit worried about the increased risk of blood clots so I do take aspirin before a flight and if long haul I would wear the “glamorous stockings”.  The one thing I seem to be getting is the “tamoxifen tyre” ie my waist is getting bigger and that’s the thing I hate the most! I’m trying to fight that with diet and exercise but its kinda crept up on me and suddenly I realise clothes are tighter. I try to do as much as I can to remain cancer free. I’ve limited carcinogens in household cleaners, personal hygiene items and I eat as healthily as I can. I cook from fresh and try to avoid sugar among other things. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed. I remember vivdly how terrified I was. I’m in a much better place now. I wish the same for you only much sooner!

Don’t worry too much about tamoxifen or side effects, focus on the fact it is keeping cancer at bay. As an aside, writing can help a lot If you’re worried or need a rant, write it down. You can always throw it out, rip it up or burn it or you might want to frame it! It eases the burden and has been proven to be beneficial. good luck with everything You can do this! :heart:

I am finding it hard to come to terms with and I am so scared of what’s to come . I have more biopsy results this week . Still waiting on my mri scan so I can have operation . I exercise alot so hopefully I will keep the weight off . Thank you for replying xx

Hi Gail - I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I am 47 and was diagnosed in March and have just had mascetomy and DIEP reconstruction. I remember how frightening and confusing everything is and how fast things seem to move in the first few weeks. I was referred to a psychiatrist to help me think through decisions and just talk with someone about how I felt rather than about the actual BC. My friends hairdresser has been blogging from her diagnosis on Facebook - Laura’s breast cancer journey - she’s inspiring and has been through the full experience -about your age too.
Perhaps have a look at her page and see where you will also get to! She’s about to start a fundraising Iceland trek with Coppafeel. Take each day at a time, don’t over think and ask every question you can think of - all your feelings are ok. Keeping abreast also a younger support group which has some amazing women just like yourself to get in contact with. Stay positive and one step at a time. Xx