Just got date for chemo - how do you cope- advise welcome

Hi All,

Just received date for first chemo 15th September.
I not sure how to feel, the surgery was bad enough but this part of the treatment has left me numb i think it’s because of the unknown.
Still don’t understand all the jargon that is used.
I always thought of myself as a strong person but this seems to have taken the wind out of my sails. But enough of the self pity I’ve decided I need to have something to look forward to each month any suggestions.

My husband has a question: he wants to know if I will loose the hair on my legs as this will save him a fortune on razor blades

Take care

Hi Mole,

Good luck with the chemo. It is not a pleasant experience but I personally didnt think it was as bad as it could be. There are several things they can give you to combat the side efects. I lost every hair on mu body, eye lashes/brows and the hair up my nose! but it soon all grows back. Great idea to do something to look forward to, even somethin like dinner with somw girl friends was a real lift or something a bit more extravigent went its all over.

Take care,

Hiya Mole

It’s terrifying isn’t it… the unknown. I felt the same but I’ve only got one round to go. Everyone does cope differently but do read the top tips for chemo thread and get in things like pineapple. After the first round you’ll know what to expect in generally for the others.

I can honestly say it’s not as bad as I thought. I even forget that I’m undergoing chemo a lot of the time, like today when my immune system is at its lowest point I just found myself thinking… why am I so tired… oh yeah… chemo.

As for hair mine all started to fall out about 3 weeks after the first dose, so I shaved my legs there and then and it hasn’t grown back on my legs at all yet. In fact I’m now bald all over if you know what I mean but the hair on my head is growing back and I do still have a few eyelashes and eyebrows left.

It’s not going to go down in your list of things you must do again someday but I bet you’ll cope better than you think.

Good luck.


I had a pandora charm bracelet and any time i had any treatments ops each round of chemo etc my husband bought me a charm. The bracelet now means more to me than any other piece of jewellry i own

Hi Mole: Have bumped up the top tips thread for you - read all!

I was DX in Feb, op in March, started chemo end of May - Epi and CMF. Have now finished Epi and had first CMF. I have been extremely lucky with side effects - no sickness, no mouth problems. Lost the hair of course all over except fringe where I never thought I would have a fringe!!! Am now waiting for the rest to start growing back. Can’t wait for the eyelashes and eyebrows to come back. After the chemo I am on to rads and then all sorts of other muck but will worry about that when I get there.

I have worked all through and, because I am doing maternity cover, the mum is back doing three days and I am doing two - which fits in with my treatment days. I do have days when I am a bit tired but just slob out for a few hours and then feel OK.

It is boring to say but we all react differently and I think your mental attitude has a huge amount to play.

Take care of yourself and come on here for help, information, support when you are feeling unhappy and with funnies when you are not.

We all care about each other.


Dear Mole

You may be interested in BCC’s publication about chemotherapy. You can either download a copy or order a free copy on line. Just follow the link below.


If you feel you need to speak to someone in confidence then BCC’s helpline is available Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm and Sat 9am - 2pm. Calls are free on 0808 800 6000 The staff here are all either trained breast care nurses or people with personal experience of breast care issues. Hope this helps.

Best wishes

6 Chemos on and my leg hairs STILL haven’t stopped growing!! How does that work eh??? Grrrrrrr…Eyelashes/brows still going pretty strong however and hair growing back too!
Just think as soon as that chemo is in, it’s fighting any little bits of cancer that may have stayed around…It makes it all the more worthwhile even if it isn’t the greatest thing to have!..
Good Luck, you’ll get through it no matter how tough it could be… If little ol me can do it without too many problems then you can too. Stay positive, keep smiling and your body will be strong with you.x.x.x.x.

Hi you lovely people

A big thank you for all your support & kind words.

I’ve told my husband he could be lucky and save some money on his razor blades & he reckons it’s the only time in 25yrs I’ve saved him money (he’s getting brave).

I hope we can keep in touch

Don’t know what chemo you are having Mole, but you will find that a pattern develops where after the first week or so of not feeling up to much, you will start to feel better. Make sure you have nice things planned for those good days.

I met up with a couple of ladies who were having chemo at the same time as me, and we would all have lunch together every 3 weeks on our good days, it was good to have friends in a similar situation to have a moan and a laugh with, and we all helped each other through it.

Good luck with your treatment.



good luck with your chemo! I was advised by lovely ladies on here that is “doable” - and it is ! I have one session left and I have to admit after my first time I wanted to give up!

I have kept a diary since my chemo started,it has helped me.Every chemo I write my feelings and experiences.When I go back for more treatment I look back and compare and realise I will get through it and I know each low moment is similar to the last and it will get better!

I agree with the other ladies aswell,enjoy your good days! But listen to your body,if you need to rest- rest!!!

good luck Jen x

Hello Mole, I DID loose my leg hair towards the end of my epi but soon came back v quick. Also lost hair down below


Beware pineapple,if you are on simvastatin…I am told.

Hello Mole
If you are to have FEC I have not found it that bad. Take all the anti sickness even if you do not feel sick. I read all the Top Tips on chemo on this site which are brilliant.
I have not lost hair on my legs or eyebrows or eyelashes but they grow at a much slower rate.
Lost hair on head just before 2nd FEC despite cold cap.
I also switched to a Boots very soft toothbrush, sensodyne toothpaste and Dentyl no alcohol mouth wash. I have had no problems with my mouth to date. Note sure if that is luck.
If you do get any problems it is important to tell onc so they can sort them out for you. There is no need to suffer!
Good luck with your treatment.

I too lost every hair on my body still none under arms and eyebrows very sparse after 16 months.It passes love you will do it you will be fine Good Luck.Vxx

To all you wonderful people,

Thank you all for your advise it has been very helpful.

I’m starting my first FEC session tomorrow afternoon and am feeling apprehensive but have to get on with it. Will let you know how it goes.

I’ve already got my wig & have been giving it a trial run and so far no-one has been able to tell the differents and there are a few friends who are very blunt and would have commented.

Take care of yourselves