just got results confused

Hi thought i would move to this category i am so confused just had test results after my op had a 20mm lump grade 2 invasive removed with 5mm clearence all round except dr only managed 3mm at 1 point now he wants me back in to take out 2mm lymph involvment 3 out 17 told this was good they say no chance that it has spread not sure how they are certain as had no scans hormorne +
BC nurse said it was good i thought it was bad news confused i not sure what questions i should be asking.
love Poppet

Hi Poppet

I cant sleep either,

I dont think they cannot ever say it has not spread, even if they do scans they cannot conclusivelt say it has not spread. I had 2/13 nodes and was told they didnt think it had spread but would not say for certain.

5mm is the usual clear margins they like so its a case of being on the safe side.

Hormone + is good as they can give you tamoxifen or arimidex which can help protect you from further recurrence.

From waht you say it looks a good prognosis, but I would ask about stages, I think with the info you have given you would be stage 2.

re you haveing or have you had chemo?


Hi Poppet

If you feel it would help to talk your results through with someone in confidence, please call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, the line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

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Hi been told i will be having chemo as i am 46 and it is was in the lymph glands then rads and hormones
its all happening so fast. See Dr on wed who will go through my results with me as the BC nurse has given me them so will ask about staging been told to ask for
path report.
Thanks Poppet x

Hi again Poppet

You may find our publication called ‘Understanding your pathology’ helpful to read, it may help you when you receive your pathology report, please do use the helpline as I mentioned earlier if you need help to decipher it, you can read it or download it from the following link:


Best wishes

Hi Poppet,

I am 47 and have similar dx to you. 19mm lump Grade 2, WLE and re-exision for better margins. Have appointment with Oncologist next week, re chemo, rads and tamoxifen. Have been told I will probably have bone and ct scan before chemo. I know exactly how you are feeling, it is all so confusing and daunting. I hope when you get your path report and see Dr on Wednesday all will become clearer for you. Let us know how you get on.

Sending you big hugs
Tracey x