just got told bone secondaries have spread to liver

just in shock at the mo, went to Linda Mac Centre yesterday and was told the bone secondaries have spread to my liver, I knew straight away as my Onc was very subdued! i am devastated as i only had a Ct and MRI scan in Oct giving me the all clear in my organs, My Onc said its very aggressive and has spread throughout my liver very quickly. I was on letrizol at first as they thought that would keep the bones under control but that was quickly changed to Taxel after only 3 weeks, I am so scared that it is so fast and aggressive.
I have had 3 chemos so far and will get scanned half way on number 9, the Onc said it will allshow up in my bloods as they are very low at the mo and hopefully on my next chemo my bloods will be up ( platelets were down to 17 should be 150, but they went up by 7 from last week, and are now the grand total of 24! so i am hanging on to that as i am taking it to mean my bone marrow is kicking back in!)
any one else had this happen so fast? feel like i need some good news stories!, Im only 41 and have had 3 years clear since my original dx, just feeling so scared at the mo, i have a fantastic partner who i love totally and a wonderful family and friends, i just dont want to be facing this.

love Caz xxxxx

Hi Caz Sorry to hear your news you must be in a state of shock as you were thinking everything was clear, I have bone and liver sec aswell, I was dx in May 2006 I have never been told it is aggressive so cant help you on that front. I have been on Xeloda for two and half years and my tumours have been stable, they are starting to rise so might have to change chemos. I hope the chemo works for you are can get that liver to a stable stage. Its just horrible news but hopefully you will get your head round this. I’m sure other ladies with come along and give advice.

Sending you a hug

Beli x

Hi Caz, I am not in your position with liver and bones, I have different spread, but just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are in this situation right now and that I hope they find a treatment to hold things for you.


Hi Caz

Sorry to hear your news and can certainly understand how scared you must be feeling at the moment. I don’t have bone mets but do have liver mets - original dx 6 1/2 years ago and liver mets 18 months ago. I was very scared earlier this year as I had a lot of very rapid progression and had multiple tumours scattered throughout the liver. However I have just completed 10 cycles of xeloda and my latest scans show no evidence of disease. I continue on the xeloda indefinitely mainly because my onc believes that what has shrunk so quickly will also grow rapidly again should I stop the chemo, but I am living a pretty full and active life (albeit needing more sleep and TLC than before!)
There are other ladies as well whose livers have been in a pretty bad way who have responded well to the chemo and got the liver “back under control” and remain stable. No-one knows how long for of course but just wanted to reassure you that it is possible.

Take care.

Kay xx

Hi Caz
so sorry to hear your news - I know how frightening it is I was diagnosed as having secs in liver and bones in september - on taxol and after 9 no change in liver but improvement in lymphs - you must be in shock - and I am so pleased to hear you have support - thinking of you , jaynex

Hi Caz, I have just read this post and also your reply to mine about the hair loss. I am sorry to hear about the liver and bone mets. I too was dx in June this year with liver, lung and bone mets after almost 3 months of hospital appointments regarding a suspicious vein that had appeared on my chest to which I was repeatedly told nothing to worry about but now seems to have been feeding a new tumour. I had bc in 1998 and had a lumpectomy, 10 chemos and 5 weeks radiotheraphy and have had no problems at all and now this, so like you I have been very worried and frightened but after registering on this site I am bolstered by the number of ladies continuing to get on with their lives whilst being treated for this b…y disease. As for the hair my OH shaved my head yesterday (a no.6 I think it was) I could no longer cope with the hair loss (it was in everything I ate and drank) and as we were going out for a meal with friends last night I did not want them to be having to deal with it as well. Looks very funky and I suppose the least of my worries. Thinking of you and keep posting I am sure you will get lots of support.
Love Lesley

Hi Caz,

Welcome to the club which noone wants to belong to. So sorry you have to join us.

Nobody can tell, unfortunately, which treatments are going to work best for us. So just because the letrazole did not do much for you, does not mean that taxol or other chemos may not work wonders. I myself was diagnosed with bc and multiple liver mets at the same time, 3 1/2 years ago and I am still fine, (though on pretty constant chemo as hormonals did nothing for me) so don’t give up hope.


So sorry to hear your news. I never know in your situation whether to tell you my story or not as it sounds very scary but you have to remember that our cancers are all different and we all react differently to chemos, hormonals and herceptin (if applicable) so nobody can say how your liver will rspond to taxotere. Presumably, you are having it 3 weekly - it made me so ill when I had it 2005/2006 but I did have some cancerfree time. I’m now on weekly taxol and can lead a normal life within my limitations of my advanced cancer (if that makes sense) but could never have done that on taxotere.
My cancer is very aggressive and is now widespread but until recently I have been quite well and able to live a ‘normalish’ life. My children are now 8 and 11 so have lived with me having this disease since just before their 5th and 8th birthdays.
I was diagnosed in April 05 and despite chemo and surgery by Nov 05 had developed skin secondaries. This was treated by radiotherapy that I was due to have as part of treatment but I had extra boosters to clear them.
I was then unwell for the summer of 2006 but all my scans had been clear in may 06. In aug 06 I found a lump under my other armpit and when rescanning, they found widespread lung secondaries, a small one in my liver and bony ones in 1 vertebrae and my hip/pelvis. Since then I’ve been on almost continuous chemo but I am still here!! My cancer is non-hormonal but I am herceptin positive and have been on herceptin since Oct 05.
Regarding speed of spread,in june this year, I had a clear CT scan on my liver but 3 weeks later I was yellow as a secondary had grown up through my common bile duct and I needed a stent to clear the blockage and the jaundice so I know about the shock of speed of spread and I had only stopped chemo about 6 weeks earlier.
I really hope your cancer responds to the chemo and your scans improve.

Hi Caz,
So sorry to hear your news.I go to LMC for my treatment too.I’ve been stage 4 from the beginning with rapid spread to lymphs,liver,lung and spine.I had Taxotere first,which didn’t work and now I’m on Xeloda,which has got rid of my breast tumour and shrunk all the other tumours very quickly.Also on Herceptin and Zometa.
Hope the chemo goes ok for you and you have good results from it.
Best wishes,
Alli x