Just had BC diagnosis

Just come back from specialist and he has confirmed that I have BC. I have had a week to get used to the news as the female Docotr who i saw last week (she did US and Biopsy) told me she suspected that my lump was malignant.

However my Specialist is not a very good communicator and although he has explained that I will be seeing a Doctor on 23rd July, who will start my treatment package (Chemo, then surgery if nec and possibly Radio) he did not explain what kind of BC I have. (and I have just been reading the types of BC and its confusing)

Question is would he know at this point? (I have to go for CAT scan and Bone scan? ) Or has he just failed to tell me?

I know I can call him on Monday but thought you guys might have some practical advice.

Anyhoo glad this forum exists xxx

Live each day as a mini life xxx

Hello Nessielou

I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis but you’ve come to the right place - everyone here understands what you’re going through - we’ve all been there and know how you must be feeling right now.

When I was diagnosed, the lab report from my biopsy told me the size and probable grade of my tumour and also that I was ER and PR positive. The size and grade was confirmed after surgery. The test for HER2 usually happens later. I asked my consultant for a copy of the lab report so I was able to take it home and study it.

If you’re going to call your specialist on Monday then write down your questions before you call him. Many people also advise taking someone with you to consultations as it’s quite difficult to remember everything you’re told. I always take a written list of questions with me.

Don’t hesitate to post with more questions. Take care and let us know how you get on.

Love Anthi

I was dx about a month ago. I know that i am hormone (ER/PR) negative and also found out this week I am HER2 neg also. This means none of the hormone drugs would work for me - just chemo surgery and rads. They told me they wouldn’t know more about the stage/grade stuff until surgery as they dissect the tumour etc. I had biopsy, ultrasound, mammogram. Then MRI scan as u/s and Mam were not consistent. The CT and bone scan. I think that’s fairly routine to check size/spread etc. The tests and waiting for results is the worst bit - once you have the facts then you can get on with your action plan, and you will feel a little better.
Take care and come back with questions and progress for us.