Just had large lumpectomy

Hello ladies. I just thought I’d update on what has been happening to me. I had my lumpectomy on Friday, and when I saw the surgeon in the morning, he told me I could go home the same day if I felt like it!

I had been told to come to the hospital the day before, so I did. Waited 3 hours and then was sent home (or given option of a hotel) as there was no bed. Strangely, this did not stress me out at all. I think it was because I was still on for the actual op at the time arranged. Went back in at 7.30 am. I remember having a joke with the anaesthetist and the next thing I knew I was back in the ward with a crusty purple cut halfway round my nipple and one under my arm!

My surgeon had accessed my lump (about 35 mm and at the front of the breast, just above the nipple) by cutting around the top of my nipple and going under the skin. After excising it, he filled the cavity with fluid, so it doesn’t look as if he has taken anything out. It’s quite weird. If I jiggle my boob you can hear the fluid splashing around!

I went home the same day and am still feeling woozy from the anaesthetic, but have not needed any pain killers and am finding arm easy to move.

I have to see surgeon again in 2 weeks for the results of whatever they have found around the tumour and the lymph nodes, and then it’s mast and recon, or mini-flap recon.

I have been trying to stop smoking and stopped successfully for 3 days, then went to five a day for about a week, then stopped for two days, then had 4 today. This is down from about 30 a day for 24 years. I feel very scared that I am still smoking, but surely between 0 and 5 is better than 30? I am trying to convince myself here, but it is so hard. But I am so scared that my recon will fail because of smoking.

I hope everyone is doing ok.
Love emma

Hi Emma - I have smoked some 20 cigs a day since I was 14 yrs, now 63, and still here.When I had my lungs checked about 10 yrs ago at a BUPA health check, the doctor said I had the lungs of a 20 yrs old male - so, go figure!
I had a lumpectomy and sample node removal, then had to go back for total axillary removal, but none of the doctors or the anaestheatists commented on my disgusting habit. I am sure between 0 and 5 is brilliant!! I didn’t have a recon, as just had a lumpectomy, but if you are worried, ask your bc surgeon/and or plastic surgeon what effect this will have on the recon.
I somehow don’t think the recon will be at all affected, although you may want to take some expert advice. I am just a smoker.

I am amazed that your surgeon said you could go home the day after your lumpectomy - I was in the hospital for 5 long nights, because the drains kept filling up. You are obviously one of the lucky ones. Hope all goes well with your recon.
Take care,

Hi liz. Thanks so much for your comments, they make me feel less alone with my disgusting habit. Actually, the surgeon said I could go home the SAME DAY as my lumpectomy, and no drains. I was just lucky, I guess. They didn’t chuck me out. Could have stayed longer if wanted.
Take care, Liz