Just had last rads!!

Hi to all of you out there

Just wanted to share my good news. I had my last rads treatment this afternoon and it feels absolutely fantastic!!!

For those who dont know me, I was dx in July - had chemo, mastectomy and now rads. Its been a long road, as many of you know but for now thats it for me. I will have reconstruction in a years time but till then I want to enjoy my life.

My mind has changed so much just the last couple of days - I feel so much more positive about things and the future.

For those of you out there who are just begininning this horrible journey I just want to say YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. I know there are times when we feel like throwing in the towel , but hang on in there - time does pass!

A huge big thank you to all who have given me support and advice since I have been diagnosed - I could not have got through this without you all - I cannot thank you all enough.

Lots of love and a speedy journey to all

Hi Fiona,
Congratulations - that’s great news! Hope evrything is looking up for you now.
Love and hugs

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS too. Its a great feeling to be free at last. Isn’t it strange when you walk out of the hospital knowing that that part of it is over. My next step is recon too best of luck with it.

Onwards and upwards!!!


Neenie xx

Go girl! Well done for sticking with it all and getting out at the other end!