Just had op

Hi there I had for mascetomy and reconstruction in ward not able to sleep. Wifi good in hospital. You can use mob to connect to iPad so bring both in if you have. If only if you have just the one 


for anyone concerned op.you don’t remember general ansetic.  don’t worry There is no need. There is some discomfort If all goes well cancer will be gone. Follow up 3 April. 


Going to brothers 50th birthday but get picked up at home by brother.

Hi Gingernut, well done on having got rid of the cancer. The feeling is great, isn’t it? I am coping with pain with the codeine phosphate the hospital gave me, plus a top up of ibroprufin. No pain really, more discomfort. Getting rid of the anaesthetic will take a week, I was told. I am much dozier today than I was yesterday. Had my op Monday and out same day with a nuisance of a drain.

Enjoy the birthday party.

I will find out in about 3 weeks whether cancer really gone. Had mascetomy with implant reconstruction. In for one night. Feeling fragile because I live on own. Also went home with drain. It is a nuisance. Makes doing things harder especially when it is like Mary has a little lamb…,ever I go the drain has to go too.