Just had second rad session today

Hello everyone,

this is my first sign on. I was diagnosed with DCIS after my first mammogram. Since then I’ve had two excision biopsies and have just embarked on 3 weeks of daily radiotherapy.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a suitable alcohol and/or aluminium free deodorant? Preferably stick or roll on. My Rad Team say no deodorant full stop, but I can’t face being whiffy at work as I’m full time, and it’s not easy trying to wash your armpit discreetly in the ladies!
I am interested in the Aloe Vera from H&B, I’ve got aqueous cream and Simple soap, but will bear that in mind once the side effects start to show.
My hospital skincare booklet says I should wear Factor 60 on the radiated area for the rest of my life if I go out in the sun.

Hi Pennywey,

I use Pitrok which is a natural deodorant and used a wet wipe to wash it off as soon as I got to the hospital before my appointment which seemed to be fine.

The H&B aloe vera gel is brilliant - it really helped with my SEs. :slight_smile:

Nymeria x

I used unperfumed baby wet wipes when needed, wouldn’t risk the deoderant after all the advice, and had absolutely no reaction whatsoever.

doesnt the wet wipe have chemicals in that dry your skin??

I have bought a pitrock, and am surprised what a good deoderant it is.

must talk to the skin nurse next time about wether they just dont want things on your skin during the session cos it interferes with the treatment or if its ok to use certain things between treatments

I have very sensitive skin and I didn’t have any problems with the wet wipe drying it out.

i did not use deodorant on the bad side at all during treatment, i washed with johnsons baby soap , and used johnsons baby wipes in between, had no problems

Hi pennywey

I finished 3 weeks of rads last week and had no skin reaction at all apart from a bit of redness. I didn’t use any deodorant on the side being treated, slapped on plenty of aqueous cream 2 or 3 times a day and bought some Simple facial cleansing wipes to keep in my bag. Just used them when I needed to and they were great. (Much easier than trying to discreetly wash in the ladies!!)


I used “Crystal Rok” all way through after checking first. I worked all trhrough rads & didn’t want to whiff.

I would say that the underarm which received a bit rt as on bc side (only had boob microwaved) didn’t sweat much anyway. (Still waiting for hair to start growing back on the bit in the firing line)


I asked about the natural ones & the Crystal rok but was told NO way wash I to use anything No deo no powder no perfume body sprays anywhere near that side so never risked it the no perfume baby wipes worked wonders not that I really needed it found that side didn’t sweat that much

i also had my second rad today but i`m getting confused over what seems to be conflicting advise on creams or gels to use during and after , i showed the nurse my holland and barrat 99.9% aloe vera and got a resounding No because of the small amount of active ingredients in it , boots aqueous cream known as 50 - 50 and containing only petroleum was fine she said , yet i read that lots of women using the h&b gel are loving it , HELP !

Hi trish oh blimey im not surprised but join the club im 4 days out of Rads now & more confused than I was before I started. It seems to be that some nurses say YAY OK & others No regarding the 99.9 % aloe … my Rads team were fine but said make sure I use it in conjuntion with the aqueaous. Its what Ive read about the aqueaous cream since thats concerned me & the fact certain sections of the NHS know that this cream thins the skin has annoyed me that we are adviced to use this. I concider myself quite lucky as ive not much soreness no swelling, no hardening apart from what was there from surgery & no shrinkage as yet BUT looking at my boob im mentally struggling ive always had really nice skin prehaps the one thing ive always liked about myself & all I see is a very dark brown square from nearly up to my collar bone right down under my boob to middle of chest & to other side and if I think about this cream as something that might have added hindance rather than helping it make me cross … sorry having a bit of an off day today OK im grateful its going to help me long term hopefully but the thought that this dark patch may never completely go is starting to get me down :frowning:

friend just rang me about this and that. She said she had read an extract from a study where they had 340 women having neck and breast radiation treatment. They put half on no gel or cream at all and half on aqueous cream. The result was that there was no difference at all in the condition of the skin after three weeks of rads.

they did say however that smoking and being overweight did make a big difference and suggested furthur research in this area

mekelar,just read your post, we must have been typing at the same time.

I am now totally confused too. The advise you get seems to be another post code lottery. I am lucky that my team like 99.9% alo vera (mind you I am not that impressed with it) and diprobase cream. They said simple or dove soap or any baby products, but never mentioned deoderant, I will ask them next time.

So i think i will use my more intensive E45 itch cream and bio-oil before i start treatment to get some moisture in and then when i start the rads change over to the two they recomend.

I am going to print out the boots page and take it with me, because they had never heard of aqueous cream being a problem.

thats 3 of us now then lol yes my team said about washing with simple products only not sure about Dove that can be quite highly sented, only mentioned the simple range I did however get an organic range of natural wash stuff to use after from faith in nature, no chemicals in their products just natural ingrediants but I stuck to the simple shower gel & & the Faith in nature aloe soap on my face.

Personally I love the aloe vera it can be drying but as a ‘healer’ I think you cant beat it, been used for many years for healing I would HIGHLY recommend it but only if the Rads team have said Yes, Ive no soreness swelling hardening etc ok early days & so far I can see no broken veins & for the itching it worked a treat & if you get that bad & start scratching you get put on steriod creams which Ive got my personal resovations about So im so pleased I used it

My rads team recommended the 99% Aloe Vera from Holland and Barrett.
Polly x