Just had WLE and SLNB

I know what you mean hun, I never moan, but like you say the waiting really gets to you and you imagine all sorts (well I do) I have been lucky to get my second op so quick, was expecting to wait longer, results next week, then like you on to see onc, but yes I do feel like something is happening when I had to wait 3 weeks for my first op, I felt like I had been forgotten about and it was gonna take forever to get sorted.
Can you not ring your consultants secretary and see what is going on and when you might get your results - or your breast care nurse ?

Don’t worry about going for the full clearance, I had it last monday and found it easier than the SNB, stayed in hosp mon to fri with a drain in (if ya can make a little belt for your waist with 2 ‘D’ rings on saves carrying your little bag with drain in). I had much less pain than with the SNB but I also took the pain killers that were offered as it was a bigger op.
I had a 2.8mm cancer in one of the 3 nodes they took which they did not expect - I dont think they move the goalposts, its just that they don’t really know anything till they get all the results - my surgeon told me he was working blind when he got in there, but would do his best.
I think they are just being precautious ofering the chemo - blast it and get rid of it for best possiable outcome in the long run

Good luck with your op and I hope the ward you are on and the staff are as fantastic as the ones I had last week

Tracey xx

Hi girls. It is interesting reading all your different experiences. Isabelle its dread that you haven’t got your results yet. I was given an appointment for 2 weeks after my WLE and SNB and I am expecting to get the results of my ANC 2 weeks after the op. I have an appt on Thurs for bone scan and CT and have been told that I can phone BC nurse after one week for results.

Tracey thanks for the reassurance about full clearance. I will certainly take the pain killers! It’s funny but before this I didn’t like to take tablets for anything and now I will take whatever I am offered without any questions. If it is going to make this thing go away then bring it on. I’m going in for full clearance as a day patient, so I expect I’ll come out with a drain in.

I feel so well at the moment that I am going to make the most of the next 3 weeks. Booked nail appointment, hair and facial today.

good luck to all of you with ops, results and future treatment and please keep in touch.


It’s so good to find this thread - even though I only had WLE on 17th June (no SNB needed luckily). I am still waiting for results - was told i’d get them last Thursday but they weren’t ready so am going again this Thursday. I can’t believe some ladies have waited for so long. The waiting is hard. Even though we try to get on with day to day life and have nice stuff to do, underneath there is always (with me anyway) an anxious/edgy feeling in my stomach.
You’re so right about it feels like your life is on hold. I’m a teacher too, and drive round lots of schools in my job, and I have active hobbies like dancing. I can’t drive at the moment, as the surgeon has said not to, and I obviously can’t dance! I’m not being very good at adapting to this new bit of life and I’d like my old life back, and it all hinges on what the results are and what treatment comes next.
I was told WLE, and then possibly rads and tamoxifen for 5 years by the first BC nurse I saw. Neither sound very pleasant.

As to coping with the scar and new breast shape my scar is quite long and also a bit bumpy, and I’ve still got some internal bruising which is quite hard so my breast looks quite different to the other one, and like other ladies have said, I quite liked my breasts and thought of them as one of my better features!! I know it’ll never be the same.

Sorry - this has turned into a long moan, but so good to get it off my chest (haha). Thanks everyone for being there - though I wish none of us were!
Sussex Girl

Hi. You’re not moaning just letting go of your feelings like we all have. I agree the waiting is hard. The way I have dealt with it is by keeping myself busy, giving myself a treat each day (even if that is meeting a friend for coffee). I’ve also joined Facebook to talk to my friends daily, but with one rule that we don’t talk about “it”. I have a number of friends who send me jokes and that helps me to laugh. I have also learnt to appreciate the little things in life. You’ll get lots of info on this website about the treatments and the ladies are great in giving you lots of reassurance.

Be assured the bruising and the swelling will go and as the swelling goes your scar will shrink. I have heard that some ladies use Bio oil but I haven’t used it myself but I am certainly considering it.

Hope you don’t have to wait too much longer for your results and hope they are good. Let us know.

Elaine x

Hi ladies,
Got my results that I was waiting for today after hounding my BCN. She is now going to round them all up and pass them on to the onc and get me my app asap to sort out my treatment, at last!!!
Only took seven weeks, felt like I was going round the twist. Now I’ve just got to wait for my next step ( onc app). I’m getting there at last…

Best Wishes

Isabelle xxx

Hi Isabell,
Good news ‘they’ have your results, did she not give you a hint? mind you after the last ‘hints’ best not!
Sandra xxx

Hi Sandra, Yes she told me that it was as good as could be expected for now.
HERT-2 negative, so I will be able to have the Letrozole for 5 years.
Hormone Receptor - positive.
She has now said that it will be down to the onc to give his recommendations as to my treatment, it could be borderline as to whether I need chemo. I think myself that I would probably feel safer having it if it is offered. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Hugs and Best Wishes

Isabelle xxx

Hi Isabelle,
Grab whatever they offer, and if they don’t offer, say please can l have chemo! Just to make sure!! l will be on Letrozole after chemo, in fact l have already been on it, then they stopped it while l am having my chemo!
Sorry to hear about your daughter! such a rubbish time, but then again there is never a good time
Lots of Hugs
Sandra xxx

Morning Ladies,

Thank god you got your results at last, lets hope you dont have to wait too long now to see your onc. I’m dreading going back to hosp on 6th for my results afer ANC.

Good for you girl, I am going to book a hair & nail appointment for monday, so I look good and feel good for going back for results. My hospital doesn’t seem to do anything as a day paitent, but I’m not complaining, it was nice to have the rest on a lovely ward with lovely staff, with ladies all going through the same thing (I had family smuggling me food in as that left alot to be desired lol). I don’t take tablets unless I’m dying normally, but do as I’m told now, have got a small seroma at the mo but hoping my body will absorb it so I don’t have to have it drained.

Sussex Girl
Sorry you had to join us hun. What is getting to me is not being able to drive, I’m so bl**dy independant it feels like my legs have been cut off. I have lots of offers of lifts etc and hubby is doing all the usual running around - but its not the same.

Mum had rads and tamoxifen for 5 years, finished the tamoxifen at the beginning of this year, she said the rads made her very tired (but she was 68 when she started) and her sister had them last year and had no side effects at all (she was 71) so it effects us all differently, but I think a positive attitude helps alot.

Lots of love and hugs to all
Tracey xxxxx

Hi all
Elaine - thanks for your reassuring words about the bruising going down eventually. I’ll chase up more info on bio-oil too. I was going to post last night to say thanks but kept getting interrupted.

Isabelle - such good news that you got your results at last and that it is HER2 negative. Hope you get a date with the onc soon, so you know what treatment comes next.

Tracey - Thanks for the empathy about not driving! I’m hoping to be back behind the wheel soon. Like you I’m independent, I usually drive around 30 to 60 miles a day for work and love being out and about, and now have to rely on my hubby. We made an early morning run to Tesco today before he had to start work!

Interesting about the different side effects of the rads. I’m working on keeping a positive attitude and mostly I can.

I’m hoping to be dancing again by early August - this might be a bit optimistic though. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see. It’s something to spur me on to try to get some exercise anyway!

Hope you all have a good positive day. A friend is coming over this afternoon so that’s my something to look forward to.
Best wishes and hugs to you all,
Susie. xx

Hi Everyone,

that was really interesting reading, I go for my results tomorrow after having my WLE and SNB, but am now wondering if I’ve been driving when I shouldn’t have been as nobody said I couldn’t! But my lump was really high up almost out of my breast. Oh dear, well it’s a bit late now!

Think reading up and familiarising myself with all the jargon has really helped me as I’m a bit of a control freak in normal life.

It was also good to hear that the full clearance wasn’t as bad as feared. I didn’t have a very good reaction to the anaesthetic, so was bit worried about that too. Also a person who doesn’t really take any meeds but will go for anything now!

Thank you all of you,

Steph x

Hi Steph,
About the driving - my surgeon said not to drive till I felt I could do an emergency stop without any hesitation and that might affect my insurance if I were to drive and have an accident where I didn’t brake quickly enough. I’ve not had any nodes removed just the WLE but am quite bruised and tender (op was 17th June). I am keen to start driving again, but at the mo the seat belt would press on the tender area! So it seems it’s an individual thing.
Best of luck with your treatment,

Hi Ladies,

I was told not to drive for about 2 to 4 weeks - or untill I could do an emergency stop, after the WLE I managed a week, I’m now 9 days since my ANC so decided to go around the block and see how I got on … needless to say, the keys are hung up again will try again on monday - that will be 2 weeks.

I found the ANC easier than the SNB & WLE(maybe its coz there is only one wound??), but this time I had a reaction to the extra morphine I had in recovery, know it was this as it was the same anethatist who said because I was ok first time he would do everything the same, when I woke up in recovery they asked if I was in pain, I said yes so they gave me extra morphine… was ok for about 3 hrs then , oooops, not ok lol.

Good luck with your results tomorrow, I really hope its good news

don’t think hubby could cope with goin to tesco before work, he has been snoring his head off for last 3hrs on the sofa (he has a half day on wednesday), all this housework, washing, ironing & cooking is killing him, think now he realises how much I actually do !!!
I haven’t danced since I was about 19, but used to love it (lessons after work)- great for keeping the weight off, might have to start again when I get the all clear.

Have a trip planned to the “Breast Haven” in leeds tomorrow, just for coffee with a friend who also has breast cancer - have any of you been to one of their places ?, we are just going for a nosey and to get a feel for the place, we live local so plan on seeing what is on offer there - she starts chemo soon so it might just give her a boost as she if feeling a bit down.

Hope you have all had a good day - and an even better one tomorrow
Love & hugs to all
Tracey xxxxxxxxx

Hi Tracey , I went to the Haven at Hereford last month and really reccommend it . I had a wonderful time , so nice to see other people in the same boat . I was able to pick up so many booklets on different aspects of BC and there are lots of things they do there . I saw a nutritionalist , herbalist and acupuncturist ( over two days )There seemed to be loads of things organised there .
I don´t live in the UK , so it was a real treat for me to speak to a breast cancer nurse who could answer all the questions that nobody else was interested in .
Enjoy your time

Hi Ladies
Just wanted to let you know I got my results yesterday evening and it is good news. All of the malignant cells were taken out and with clear margins and none had spread beyond the ducts. (I had DCIS, not invasive, and only 11mm.) I am borderline for needing radiotherapy and am now waiting for an appointment with the onc to discuss that and also tamoxifen. I’m so relieved that the op was a success, but at the same time now starting to worry about what happens next!
Also my boob is still so sore and achey - and I don’t feel physically better for knowing the op was successful! I still feel inside ‘It’s not fair’ like a little kid. On the outside I’m saying ‘I’m so pleased I got a good result’ to friends and family and on the inside I’m saying ‘But I wish I wasn’t even here in the first place’.
I’m sure you all know what I mean?

How are you all doing?

Hi Susie,
Congratulations on your very good results, it will be such a relief to know that its DCIS and not invasive.
I understand your concerns about being here in the first place, because no matter what the outcome you’ve still been told you have bc and it messes up your head.
It doesn’t matter what friends and relatives say, because they think that their being kind, but unless they have been where you are now they can’t possibly know how you feel, even if they mean well.
A lot of people don’t realise how off hand they sound when they say, Oh you’ll be fine, I sometimes think if anyone else says that in a
stupidly cheery manner I would like to clock them one. We know we’ll be fine (hopefully) but that doesn’t make the feelings that we have go away, people can be so insensitive and they don’t even think they are. Silly b—ers!
It’s so loverley to hear your news, let us know how you get on with your treatment.

Hugs and Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

Hi Isabelle - thanks for your lovely understanding message. I so hope you get your appt with your onc soon.
I’m feeling good today. I think it’s sinking in that I’m over the worst and I’m glad I’m ‘in the system’ and will get more frequent mammograms now.
Take care everyone. I wish you all less waiting and more good news.

Hi Ladies,

Well am on my second LARGE voddie n coke, been back to hospital for results of my node clearance today - dr said its not as bad as it could have been, they took 17 nodes and there was cancer (god I hate that word) in 2 of them, so in total thats 3 out of 20.

I was lucky the Onc was in clinic today and although my appointment was late, he agreed (thanks to my bc nurse) to stay late and talk to me, I will be having 6 lots of chemo mind a bit of a blur at the mo (think thats done to the vodka n coke) so cant remember what they are but will be starting in about 2 weeks - didnt want a date there and then, needed time to take it all in so they are gonna ring me in a day or 2.

Susie - that is great news hun, I was sooo pleased for ya - onwards and upwards !!!

Kris, Haven was good, need to go to induction day, but had inital interview and took up the counciling they offered - think I may need it now I need to have chemo, but also seeing a nutritionalist and an aromatharpist - anything to help me sleep and keep me on the right track.

Isabelle, hope you got your date with the onc and a date set for the rest of your treatment

I wish you all well and am thinking of you all
Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Tracey
Go for it on the vodka and coke! (Mine’s a red wine!)
Sounds like it’s good news and bad news rolled into one. Only 3 out of 20 is pretty good though. You’re getting lots of support sorted out and chemo will be soon and you know you’re doing all the right things to beat the bu**er.
Keep posting and let us know how you’re doing.
Wishing you well and lots of cyber and real hugs,

Hi girls

So great to hear all your news.
susie, congratulations on your results. Hope you get your appt with your onc soon and that all goes well. Before you go decide what treatment you would like then you can discuss with the onc rather than the other way round. I totally agree with Isabelle unless you have experienced bc noone can know what it is really like. It doesn’t matter what grade it is it’s the fact that you have it that is really scary. Keep your chin up and keep posting. you will get loads of support from the ladies on the forum.

Tracey and Kris, thanks for the thumbs up about Haven. I am going to investigate if there is anything near me.

Isabelle, please let us know when you have your date for your onc. We’re all thinking about you.

Tracey I am so pleased that your results were as good as they get. I go for my full clearance in 2 weeks and at the moment I want them to give me chemo whatever they find, just to blast this thing away. Let us know when you have a date. Until then enjoy the next two weeks while you feel well.

Hugs and best wishes to everyone. Thinking of you all