Just introducing myself

Just recently having ben diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of March,I had my surgery on Monday,WLE andSNB on one side and wired guided DCIS on the other.I’m just coming to terms with it all now and hoping this site will help make sense of a lot of it and provde support and advaice when needed.Not sure that is just yet.

Hi Sharon,welcome to the site.If you post in the just diagnosed or going through treatment sections you will get lots of support and advice when you need it.Hope you are not too sore after your surgery .

Welcome Sharon, sorry you find yourself here but we will all do our best to help and support you, please feel free to ask anything you want to know as one of us will likely have been through the same and be able to help Xx Jo 

Hi - just wanted to send my support. New to this forum sort of thing.