Just started chemo

Hi,I’m very new to this (a little bit nervous,but here goes)
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in feb and have just had two lots of chemo up to now (having a total of 8,X4 EC,X4 Tax) Not having surgery until after chemo.Just wondered if anyone is going down this route??

Sorry I can’t help as I had op before chemo, but am having same treatment have finished the EC and have had 1 Taxotere.

Just thought this needed bumping up to the top.

I’m sure someone will be along with advice soon.


Hi Maggie, I was diagnosed in Feb too I’ve had one lot of FEC and am due 2nd next week. I’m same as you 4x FEC then 4x tax then surgery, rads and tamoxifen. We could travel this roller coaster journey together, how have you been after chemo? were the SE’s same for both?


Hi Michele and Maggie

I am around the same time as you both. I had my second FEC Mon 15th and get my next on Tues 6th. I am having 3FEC and Tax followed by an op still to be decided as i have something suspect in the other side and trying to shrink my tumor 6cm by 6cm. I am really surprised at how much it has shrunk so far feels like a lot to me.

How are you both doing?

Jayne xx

hi i too just had my first chemo yesterday,kep waiting to feel sick but nothing yet,was quite funny this morning woke up and the first thing i did was check my hair wasnt falling out ,i had a lumpectomy but needed chemo because of the size ,but luckily lymph notes were clear ,be nice to keep in touch with all going through treatment xmargaret

Hi Margaret

I will be starting chemo next week. I am the same as you had a lumpectomy, they found it had 8mm of grade 3 IDC so like you I am having 6 sessions of chemo followed closely by 20 Rads. My lymph nodes were also clear.
I will keep in touch with you to see how you are getting on, and I will keep you posted on how I am doing.
Speak to you soon
Anne xx

Hi Jayne and michele,just wondered how the chemo’s going, any side effects?-think i’ve ben lucky up to now,no sickness or tiredness.Lost most of my hair now which has been hard to deal with but my two girls (7 and 8) think it looks quite cute!
Have my 3rd cycle on 6th April.Hope the Tax goes as well,don’t know too much about this.Would be nice to keep in touch x


i have had quite bad side effects with FEC and hoping Tax is not so bad. I am looking forward to being finished the whole thing really. Glad you have found it not too bad.

Jayne xx

Hi all, well the housework is done, fridge stocked up, as is the cupboard with ginger biscuits so i’m now ready for FEC number 2. Hoping SE’s are same as last time ( they weren’t too bad compared to some stories i’ve read) - nausea for 3 days even with tablets, tiredness for about a week and aches and pains for a couple of days. I don’t think i’ll be able to cope if they’re worse as its school holidays and i’ve got 3 children to keep entertained.
Off to drink some more water ready for tomorrow.


Good luck for tomorrow hope it is as easy as it can be.xxx

Hi, well the 2nd lot of FEC really knocked me for 6. I have been so much more tired, even after a nap in the afternoon I didn’t feel any more alert. I think it might be that there was always someone about so I couldn’t totally relax. Yesterday I thought I was going to pass out - has anyone else felt like that with the chemo?

I’ve got a nice quiet afternoon today as some friends have just picked up the kids and will keep them amused for the afternoon, give them tea and bring them back later.

bye for now


Hi Michele

I am on day 6 of 2nd chemo and I know what you mean. I feel so woozy and tired constantly. I could sleep for England!! When you are normally so active it is hard to give in to this.

Hi ,i’ve just had my 3rd cycle of EC today and do feel really dizzy and light headed.Hoping to feel better tomorrow,promised the kids we might go out for the day if its nice.Feeling a bit guilty we haven’t done any thing over easter. I’m feeling more tired in the day now,taking cat naps when i can(hard i know when house full of kids,my own and half the street!)-oh well they keep me going and stop me feeling sorry for myself. x

Hi Maggie2
It’s good to find someone else who is having EC I had my 2nd last week. I feel very light headed and dizzy this time maybe the se’s compound as we go on. I used the cold cap though my hair is shredding quite a bit now. Hope you manage to go out today. x


I had my 3rd FEc yesterday and this has been easier so far. no 2 really knocked me and i felt really sick and tired, i couldn’t hardly do anything. I was dreading no 3 but so far so good.

Hope you are all well


HI Lala and jayne,glad the side effects are not too bad this time,i’ve been lucky on the sickness front.My main side effacts have been heavy irregular priods ans really sore eyes,but suppose that is better than others. My hair is almost gone now,don’t like the wig so wearing lots of hats.
Yes i managed to go out today but think i over did it-went to bed for 2 hours when we got back but at least the kids had a trip out!

Doesn’t seem like there’s light at the end of the tunnel at the moment,3 treatments down,5 to go but still have the surgery to get my head around.Have never wanted xmas to come round so fast!
Hope you continue to feel well this time round.