Just started Femera

Hi all, just thought I’d let you all know - I have been sleeping a lot better this last week. This may be coincidence but worth a try - I have been taking my Femara early in the morning around 8 to 8:30 and still a bit restless but at least getting off to sleep and lasting till the alarm.
Just thought you could give this a try see if it works for you

Mega xx

Hi Mega,
I have thought of gradually changing my time for taking the Femara to bring it to a morning time and in view of your seeming success will certainly try it now.
I’ve spent all morning ringing round various local chemists to source a supply of the tablets and have finally had to ask the BCN to get me a prescription from my hospital as no local chemists can get it at present.
I have explained to my regular chemist that I am on this medication for at least five years so she will now endeavour to get a stock in then re-order in plenty of time. In my current supply tomorrow is my last day.
I must admit that I feel I shouldn’t have to be chasing round for this medication, especially at this time when radiotherapy is ongoing and I am experiencing the extreme tiredness I was warned about. I start the day feeling exhausted and am almost beside myself with tiredness when returning from the treatment session.
Anne xx

Hi Hattie
Please try the early morning dose, see if it works for you too! I have had disturbed sllep the last few nights but not had to get up and have gone back off quite quickly, Im pretty sure my sleep is only disturbed because it is soo hot plus I get most of my sweats at night!
That sounds like a nightmare re your tablets but at least your chemist will help. I have not had a problem so far but my chemist, at one point, did only have the one pack in, which i nabbed lol. Can you not get this times supply from the hospital you are having your rads at? I had mine at Christies manchester and as i got my first pack from them they would have had more. I too can relate to the tiredness, I was like that but also angry and depressed at having to go each day and I felt like I was being treated like a piece of meat! Lie down, move your arm, shift this way, hold still, ok done, see you tomorrow !!! Perhaps it was just me !!
Anyway count the days down and plan a treat to celebrate your last blast. Thats what I did !
Good luck and keep safe

Mega xx

Hi Mega,
I changed my times and am sleeping a bit better now - thanks for the tip. The BCN arranged for a hospital supply this time but also contacted the company rep who says there are systemns she can set up to ensure a supply to my local chemist for me. I see BCN later this week and she will tell me all that was discussed or planned.
My BCN warned me that RT was very much like a conveyor belt system go in, have the treatment and get out so the rrom is free for the next person so I didn’t feel surprised when this happened but I must say all the staff I have met have been pleasant, friendly and chatted with me during the process of aligning the machine for my settings. Today they seemed less pressured and able to discuss how the machine works with me - I’d asked earlier last week but there wasn’t time for much chat. I was also shown the picture taken on the CT scanner in the planning meeting and shown the angles the RT had been given in - this was to show me that my heart had not been affected at all (Ca in left breast)although about 1% of my left lung will have had RT and will be damaged. I reckon I can manage on 99% lung function for the rest of my life:-). I hadn’t planned any celebration for my last treatment but may go out for a meal with friends at the weekend to celebrate.
Take care,
Hattie xx

Hi Hattie, so glad the early morning dose is getting you more sleep. Still seems to work for me although sometimes I get up for an hour or Im a bit restless but hey better than wandering round like lady Macbeth lol
Good news that you have the tablet supply sorted too.
You seem to be ok with the rads also and getting treated nicely. I dont blame the staff when I had rads, they were so busy, but just felt it was so impersonal compared to the treatment at the hospital with my BCN’s and most Drs being very nice and concerned. I had my rads at Christies in Manchester and that place is so busy!! I have never seen so many people in a reception area!! It was always standing room only!!
Anyway it will soon be over for you and yes plan that meal, it really does feel like a celebration. I just kept saying - Yes - done it - all over now and punching the air lol lol
We’re off on hols to Portugal on Friday so take care and Good Luck

Mega xxx

Hello everyone, started Femara nine days ago. Last night my left leg (opposite side from surgery) became very swollen I paniced a bit and went to A&E blood tests, ECG, done all -ve. so home after. The swelling had started to go down a bit and in the morning apart from a little puffiness in my ankle back to normal. I now feel I have tingling and a slight numbness in my left hand and arm. Anyone out there experienced this as a side-effect? After the panic last night I think I would feel a bit foolish phoning BCN but am slightly worried. Re-excision was on the 1st July.

guess not too many about at the moment, sorry but I am putting this back up to the top for now.

Hi Laptalass,

Sorry to hear you have had swelling in your leg, what a worry for you, hope it has settled down now. Just to let you know I have been on Femara for 3 months now and I have tingling and numbness in my hand and forearm. It’s usually worse when lying down or resting my arm on a table, bit like when you have slept lying on your arm. I was warned of pain in the small joints (hands and feet) but haven’t had this, just the tingling! The only other thing I have noticed is I don’t sleep as well since I have been taking it. Terrible restlessness when I first go to bed and waking up in the early hours. I do take it last thing at night and note from the other posts that taking it in the morning can help so think it may be worth a try. Please don’t feel foolish phoning your bcn, thats what they are there for, hope she can reassure you.

Take care
Tracey x

Thanks Tracy for that, nice to know I am not losing the plot. I take my tablet in the morning but since diagnosis haven’t been sleeping too well anyway. Go to bed fairly early absolutely shattered but waken up after a few hours and toss and turn even been sad enough to watch TV at 3am. How bad is that! At least the bone density scan was fine.

Hi Girls,

Hope its okay to join this thread. Saw Onc on Tuesday, have just finished chemo. Have been having herceptin and htis will continue, but onc writing to gp to prescribe me letrozole, which I now understand to be Femera, alongside a 3 monthly injection to prevent oestrogen production. I have had fairly bad sleep patterns during chemo and have had to take sleeping pills at times. Am getting a bit concerned that sleep patterns will continue to be disturbed from what others have said in this thread. Should I ask my gp for more sleeping pills just in case. I am almost out of the supply that I have.


Hi snoogle, it might be an idea to have some sleeping tablets in the house in case the distrubed sleep increases with Femara.

Hi Irene, don’t ever think you are bothering your BCN if you have a worry - if she’s anything like mine she’ll be very understanding and supportive. To talk to her will ease your mind when the opposite is sitting home and worrying which increases other things.

I hadn’t put the tingling in my fingers at night down to Femara, just thought it was recovering nerve sensation after surgery in March and April, maybe I’ll ask my BCN when I see her next if it doesn’t settle.

Hattie xx


Thanks Hattie. I think I will mention sleeping pills to doctor on Wednesday.


Hi all,

Started the Femera today. Have the first of the three-monthly zoladex injections on Wednesday.

Here goes…


Hi snoogle

I hope you are doing okay so far with the Femara. How’s the sleeping doing?