Just starting on Tamoxifen

Hi, I’m just 31 and I’ve been diagnosed with IDC. I’m scheduled to do a surgery but I’ve been put on Tamoxifen. I’m really worried​about what changes in my body to expect. Also, will it ruin my chances of having children in the future when i get off it?

Hi, aure you will get lots more responses soon.


I have just started on Tamoxifen, week today.


Everyone is different re side effects


The different brands make a difference to some people so worth exploring if you find them difficult.


Re fertility it may be worth starting another topic but do call helpline or nurse if worried.


There is an information booklet you can acess on this website about the drug, and how to cope with menopause symptoms it may cause for you.


Whilst not what we wish, I keep reminding myself the doctor says cancer is worst then the drug effects.


Its always worth exploring a second opinion if you really concerned.


But I would call or email my breast care nurse initially, read the info here and from Macmillan re diagnosis and tretaments.


Talk with others here as we all going through such a tough process, its hard to manage alone.


So far I am finding drug okish, some have no problems with it at all.


Take care and keep posting :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, so far I’m not really feeling any side effects. 

Hi all, I’m 17 days post mastectomy and went for results today to find that DCIS was aggressive and extensive and they have found invasive (tiny) so I have been given Tamoxifen for 5 years. It’s lovely the support on this group and has helped me through and continues to do so. I hope all your questions have been answered. I’m asking is there a right time to take it as I’ve been advised to decide Day or night taking it but needs to be same time everyday. Can you say how long it takes fir the side effects to take hold?
Thank you so much and I hope you guys are all strong and positive xxx

hi kj
Side effects are not necessarily inevitable & if they appear can also be manageable. Yes, some have issues with side effects, but it’s certainly not everyone’s general experience.
When deciding the time, I decided to take it at the best time for me which is after breakfast, knowing I would have the option to change if needed. As it turns out, I’ve been fine on it.
ann x

Thanks very much ladies. I’ve decided to take it around 8am and will just have to manage it. It was a bit of a shock and wasn’t something that was a possibility originally. Mind that’s the way the whole thing has gone. Upwards on onwards for recovery.
Good luck and positive thoughts for us all xx

Hi, I’ve just been on tamoxifen just over a week now, I’m 54, was diagnosed with IDC grade 3, I’ve had a mastectomy and immediate implant, nodes clear. They have told me I’ll be on tamoxifen for 2/3 years, as I am still taking monthly period, then they will do a blood test to see if ovaries have packed in, then they are switching me to another hormone tablet called Exemestane for the remainder 7years. With tamoxifen, so far just constipation and bloatiness.xxx

Hi Munchkin.
Hope your recovering well and not too painful?
My doctor never even asked me about periods before taking tamoxifen. I saw him 2 weeks ago after 30 days of taking it and he mentioned how was I coping with it. I’m wondering if this is a question I should be asking? I’m still regular as clock work so no sign of stopping yet. So wondering what the connection is. Xx

Hi Munchkin,
I see why yours have changed due to chemo. Fingers are crossed your at the end now. I haven’t had to have chemo or radiotherapy as they just preformed a mastectomy with reconstruction and now waiting to go back in for permanent implant rather than expander. I don’t know how tamoxifen will affect me fully yet but have been told I certainly need to take for for 1-2 years before any alternative will be discussed. I’m 47 so not much younger. The hot flushs have calmed down and general im a lot warmer person than I used to be. Xx