Just starting treatment after surgery

Hi all - I am just recovering from my mastectomy (after 16 days in hospital - needed blood transfusion, then wound would not stop draining and then I contracted a horrible, aggressive wound infection - not a pleasant time at all) anyway, recovering from all that and now need a bone scan and ct scan - don’t know what the bone scan entails but typically I have received both scan appointments through to be carried out at different hospitals on the same day. I will then have my chemo and rads. My tumour was 34mm grade 2 and fortunately only 1 node was affected so being really positive at the moment. Going to take my mother and 18 yr old daughter for a ‘girlie day’ to pick my wig/hats/scarves and then lunch … etc looking forward to that - dreading the rest of it but have gained some insight and tips how to survive the treatment from this site - greatly appreciated.

Anyone else just starting this stage or have had a bone scan and can advise what happens - would love to hear from you.

Hugs and strength to all


hi jean sorry you have such a problematic time so far… hopefullly that will be the end of your set backs.

i have just come to the end of 5 months of chemo and ill soon be starting rads.

i had a bone scan back in june which involved getting an injection and then returning to the dept about an hour later and lie on a bed and its kinda like a big xray machine that moves over you… you get straps across you and lie very still and it takes about 15 mins i think… it doesnt hurt. ct scan doesnt hurt either and its similar-ish to the bone scan but tends to last a bit longer.

hope you enjoy your girlie day with your mum and daughter… i went with my sis and mum to get my wig and it was good fun too we had a really good laugh.

best wishes

Lulu x