Just starting.

Diagnosed 5 weeks ago and am due to start 3 x Fec and 3 x T week after next. Would love to know if there is anyone out there who is due to start at the sametime and feeling just as apprehensive about the whole process?

Hello Mini
sorry, I’m not starting FEC, am halfway through 6 x FEC, so not quite what you were looking for - however, just wanted to assure you that the thing is doable.
There are lots of threads about the combination you are embarking on and I’m sure they will be a help, but of course its great to be talking to people going through it with you, and I’m sure you’ll find chemo buddies here.
For myself, I have found chemo to be unpleasant for a few (5) days then OK, other than tiredness. I’m not working through it, so I rest when I want to. (Thats a very individual decision- we all choose our own path and thats quite right!).
I hope that your treatment goes well and that you don’t find it hideous. There’s a great thread on the 'undergoing chemotherapy section called something like ‘top tips for chemotherapy’ which is very helpful. All the info might raise specific questions, and the forum is a good place to air them.
take care of yourself, best wishes
monica xx

Hi Mini

I’ve just started 3xFEC, 3xTax, ist one last Weds, like you was apprehensive what to expect, the nurses were great though explaining what was going on and what needed to know (and as monica says the thread below is great)

For me feeling good so far, a little off first night with sickness but been good since. I think once have done the first FEC cycle maybe then can work on well thats whats this is going to be like and take it from there. I hope to hear that it all goes ok for you in the next couple of weeks

Take care
Alex xx

I am just starting treatment. Meeting oncologist tomorrow to discuss treatment. I had lumpectomy a week ago. The lymph nodes were clear but they want me to have the full works.
I am very aprehensive as well. Not slept much since Thursdays meeting. I had built myself up to having radiotherapy, I hadn’t even considered chemo (probably just blocking the thought out of my mind)

Hi Mini & CMW
I am on day 17 of my first FEC (will be having 3xFEC and 3xT) and started a thread called “Started Chemo today (30th Oct)” which shows my journey and a few others so far. A lot of us have had none or only a very few side effects so far, so although the Top Tips thread is good, I do want to reassure you that you might not - and hopefully will not - experience all of those side effects, if any. The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was feeling great, which I have done!!

So please don’t be too scared - it is definitely doable, and so far for me, not a problem at all. I get my 2nd dose next Friday, so I am hopeful this good reaction will continue.

Take care and please try not to lose any sleep. It is something we have to do, and you may well sail through it.
Flora xxx

Hi Mimi
I’m about to start 3xFEC+3xTax- will know on Tuesday the date of my first treatment but I have been told it will be in the next two weeks. I had a lumpectomy in September followed by axillary clearance in October as they found cancer in my sentinel lymph node.
I am really frightened by the whole thing-can’t sleep either.
Good luck

Hi gals

I had my 1st FEC on fri 13th! Amazingly I have fair sailed through it with no side effects. I did take senokot for 2 nights and that was a BIG mistake; thought I was dying last nite from stomach cramps. I don’t expect it to continue so well and am waiting for the hair to fall out!

Julia xx

Hello, I too am just starting on the ‘cure’. Had 2 lumps removed, 9 and 12mm. However my breast is still slow to mend and ‘leaks’ on occasions, usually at embarrasing moments! Also get odd stabs of pain - is this normal? I am in France and information is a bit slow. I have grade 3 tumours and have to undergo 3 x FEC and 3 x Taxotine. I know of the nausea and tiredness and have read through some of the leads here in the Forum. But do not actually know what goes on on the day! I have an implanted catheter. Been for blood test this morning, go and see the nurse on Thursday (am hoping she/he will tell more) and then the big day is this Friday! Am told of hair loss and have a prescription ready for use, but having read your comments, ladies, here on the site, am going to have hair cut short probably next week, can’t face too many traumas in one week! They have given me some ‘calming down’ tablets to take starting today and until 2 days after the ‘cure’. Do I NEED to know more at this stage? Thanks for help Trisha PS anyone else on site live in France?

Hope you continue to feel well. I will follow your progress with interest- I start FEC on the 26th.
Hugs M

Hi everyone,

I’m just about to start, first FEC on Tuesday 24th and feeling quite worried. It’s the great unknown isn’t it some people seem to sail through with only slight side effects and some have an awful time and, until you start, you don;t know which camp you’re in.

One thing that has worried me quite a lot is the scans. I had a lumpectomy with the margins of the tumour clear but a trace in the sentinel lymph node but not in others and was told it was ‘completely curable’ but that I needed rads and hormone tablets and was ‘recommended’ chemo as a belt and braces treatment. Then I had to have a CT scan and a radioactive bone scan so, if they don’t think there are secondaries, why the scans? The chemo nurse said they are just baseline scans so they know where they are starting from but I’m still concerned about them. My next appointment with the oncologist isn’t till mid January and I’m wondering should I ring and ask for the results before then or should I wait on the assumption that they’ll contact me if there is bad news. I guess that, even if they did find something awful, the treatment would still be chemo so maybe there’s not a lot of point in knowing - apart from setting my mind at rest or worrying me even more depending on what they’ve found.

Have the rest of you had to have these scans, are they normal procedure?

Love and hugs to everyone

Hi there

I had what was called ‘baseline’ scans - I think they need something at the beginning just in case (hopefully not) more are needed in the future.

I understand that it enables useful comparisons to be made and it helps to know what you ‘look’ like before treatment starts.

Hope this eases youir concerns a little.



Hi Avis
I had a grade 3 tumour, mastectomy and 23 nodes affected and had clear CT and bone scan results, so it is possible…

They are normal procedure, from what I can see. I was initially pregnant when diagnosed (miscarriage unrelated to treatment), and wasn’t going to be able to have them, but I asked for them afterwards as I would rather know if it had spread.

I would rather have found out they are clear results for peace of mind, or have found out they are not clear and have the recommended treatment ASAP than not know. But it was a bit scary while you wait for the results… I can’t say I rushed to find out!

Thanks Bahons and Flora, seems they are standard procedure so maybe I’m just getting paranoid -along with all my other problems!

hi i am new on the forums and just started FEC on Fri 13th so kind of same time as you. Happy to keep in touch xx hope it all goes well for you

You’re welcome…

Mammie…there are quite a few of us (I’m one) who now live in France.

Why not try a post on the Expat thread on here?



Hi Am a week and a half after the first FEC dose and the hair is starting to fall. Shed a tear but … Will get a wig next week. Have the hats ready on hand as not used to short hair and it is Cold. Have to say don’t feel at all bad, nasty taste in mouth but otherwise okay now. Still cannot really enjoy food. Going to try building up energy and strength to be zapped again on Fri 11th. Have a consultation with oncologist before the treatment and chance to tell my woes!Good luck Mini.

Hi Mammie
You are exactly one session after me - I get my 3rd dose on 11th Dec.

It’s quite normal to shed a tear over the hair. It took me a week or so to get used to my wig, but I only wear it to work. I tend to wear a beanie hat for shopping or going out, depending who I am with, and nothing at home as it is too hot. You do get used to it… it is probably weirder for people who have to look at us all day, but they also seem to get used to seeing us as we are now. I keep reminding myself it is just temporary…

I had fewer side effects after my 2nd, but had only had very mild ones for the 1st anyway. Tell your oncologist about everything, as they will prescribe things like mouthwash for ulcers/funny taste and lactulose for constipation. Mine were only mild, but the additional prescriptions sorted them out completely. I was more tired after the 2nd lot though, but still managed to go to work and function, just slept in the evenings more! Not sure if I will be able to work through with the 3rd lot, but we shall see!!

Good luck for the 11th, I shall think of you while I’m in the chair!!!
Flora xxx

I had my first FEC on 27th Nov. Felt pritty bad, flu like symptoms, for first five days, now I just feel a bit tired. I’m hoping to go back to work next week (moving to part time hours), So I hope I will get less tired over the weekend and be back to normal by Monday! Even though I had moderate SE’s knowing that they’ll pass after five days makes them manageable.
Next dose is due on 18th Dec, hope the blood test is OK otherwise they’ll move it to 24th and I’ve got a housefull of family for Christmas!


hI fLORA - Like you I think I have got away with things quite lightly and touch wood it continues. I suppose I am lucky that I don’t work any more, am retired. But trying not to just laze around, was set to go walking each day but it is wet and yukky.
thinking of you too on Friday next. Bon chance. Pat

Day 14 of my first FEC session and have been very lucky so far, was sick the first night as I couldn’t decide whether to take an anti sickness pill or not and, by the time I’d decided, it was too late!! after that it was just queasiness for 3 days, heartburn for 2 and then felt completely normal again. Caught a stomach bug end of last week and was laid up for two days but then so was my husband so can’t blame the chemo for it. Hair is still holding on but I’m starting to get the ‘tight elastic band’ feeling so I think it will go soon. One more week of Christmas shopping and the grandchildren’s school plays then back for the second dose and, hopefully, get the side effects out of the way before Christmas which I’m hoping to spend with the family - if I’m not up to it I have my bedroom set up as a little haven for me to escape to.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and may all your side effects be little ones!