Just taken first Aromasin tablet and feeling worried!

After 3 years on Tamoxifen I have been switched to Aromasin and am a little conserned to hear that hair thinning is a possible side effect. Does anyone know if it is just for the duration of taking them or can it be permanent?

Hi Twinny

If it’s any help I took Aromasin for 3 years after two and a half of Tamoxifen - and had no hair thinning - don’t think it is a common side effect?


hi, been on aromasin now for 18 months, have had a little thining but nothing that anyone would notice, and hoping that it stays that way for the next year, Hello kmans… how did you get on when you stopped taking aromasin, i did 30 months on tamox and now on aromasin for about the same ? and am a bit nervous about being tablet free.


Length of taking tablets depends…normal 5 years for breast and forever if secondary ( just asked last week whether i would be able to come off tablets and they have said not a good idea…)

I was on Tamoxifen for 2 and a half years now been on Aromasin for a year, no thinning of my hair.

Been on it since November and lost a bit of hair but hardly noticable really. The good thing is (and I dont know if this is a legacy from chemo and not Aromasin at all!)is that I have virtually NO underarm hair and much much much reduced leg hair! The only place that bothers me, is thinned eyebrows… But clever use of eyebrow pencil sorts that!

Hi I took Aromasin for a week and then had to come off it. Ihavr Carpal Tunnel syndrome which my job has given me which I got pins and needles with occasionaly and one the side effects of Aromasin is Carpal Tunnell syndrome and it made it much worse so my hand on that side went totally numb and useless. The next day after I stopped it it was fine. My Oncologist put me on Arimidex and exactly the same thing happened so now no tablets at all. I am BRCA2 and am due to go on parp inhibitors as soon as they’re available.Good luck xxx