just to talk to someone in same position

need to talk to someone so i dont feel as if im on my own .

Traceyann could not see your comment but if you need to speak to anyone on here just send a message someone will reply asap. Your not on your own, everyone here is always friendly and helpful.

thanks thats great to no just trying out site so not to sure what im doing

The site has an excellent peer support system where they put you in touch with someone who is further down the line but has been where you are.They phone you at prearranged times.It really helped me a lot.Thank you Geraldine if you ever look on here now!Failing that just ask any of us via a pm and I promise someone will be there for you.Look at posts and profiles and you should find a fellow traveller.Love horacexx

We are always here to help. You are not alone.

Hope you are OK

Fay :o)