Just want to get started....

Hello everyone,…just like to say hi to all on here.

I’m recently diagnosed IDC stage 2, ER+ HER2 positive on 23rd April,met with surgeon on 30th and have been referred for neo-adjuvant treatment prior to surgery…just getting over the shock &  the horrendous and heartbreaking moment I had to tell my 18th old daughter.

I meet with the oncologist on 15th May to discuss the treatment plan. 

The wait seems endless and torture…as know it’ll be after then that I’ll start. Need scans and as need Herceptin probably an echocargiogram…awaiting all dates.

Does it always take sooo long to get started.?..looks like will be end of May before can get scrapping with this…and this is the worst thing for me at the moment.

Will probably be in need of lots of advice along the way from you guys too.

Thanks ladies.x





Yes it takes ages …my biopsy results took a week then 2 weeks for the MRI scan then a week for the result then 10 days til surgery and now 2 weeks for the results…it is horrendous. The medical staff seem blithely unaware of the mental torture they are inflicting. I wake up early in the morning worrying and I can never relax. And they say stress may cause cancer!!! Until you have been in this situation you cannot imagine the stress so you are quite normal. But it does help starting treatment and getting the damn thing removed. You feel you are getting somewhere instead of being left dangling.

Like you I had to tell my teenage children. You never think it will come to this do you ?

That’s exactly how I feel the waiting is horrendous, I waited 12 days for biopsy results, hiding it from my 2 teenage girls as I didn’t want to worry unnecessarily.


2 weeks on and I’m itching to get started, my op is on 22nd June, another 2 weeks away!!  fingers crossed I can get my results early as they are aware I have a holiday booked for 11th July.


It so good we have each other for support here, feel free to add me as a friend if I can help with anything, take care Suzie x

Hi Jky03

I to have just been diagnosed and I’m awaiting the start of chemo, don’t know about you but since the initial shock I’ve had a few meltdowns. My chemo should start in the next 2-3 weeks. I Have an appointment next week to see about a wig as loosing my lovely long locks is my biggest fear right now. Silly I know, I’m gonna give the cold cap a go too, will try anything to keep as much of my hair as possible. Other than that im feeling quite positive about treatment after reading so many comments on this forum. I know I’m gonna need this forum to get me threw this tough time. So far you guys have helped myself and my daughter come to terms with this horrible disease and I’ve now suggested that my friends come on and read a few comments too.
Thanks ladies for your support x

Yes it’s the waiting. Lost my mum in February, was in hospital over Christmas with heart problems, now diagnosed with dcis and invasive lobular carcinoma. Awaiting date for mastectomy, and possibly chemo. Still can’t believe it’s real.