Just wanted to add something positive to you all

Hello everyone, i have not posted for over a year or so but i do read the forums still from time to time.

I wanted to share some positive news to you all because i know how much it is needed in those early days xx

My mum was dx in Feb 2005, she had lumpectomy followed by chemo and rads and now on arimidex, it was the worst time of all our lives, in tose early days it is far far more easier to be negative than it is to be positive, its not been easy at all for her, or any of us but she has just had her check up and once again all is well.

I have two friends (im 34 but they are both in their 60’s) one who had bc 7 years ago, masectomy ,chemo and rads and she is still going strong, no cancer even though hers was extremely aggressive at diagnosis, the other lady was dx 6years ago this June and again she is fine and well.

Its not easy for the person dx or the family BUT it is not always doom and gloom and cancer is not always a death sentence, it changes lives and feelings but for me and my family, at least for the time being there is light at the end of the tunnel x

Take care everyone


Thanks Mel

It’s great to hear people doing well. I guess when we are going through treatment we only live day by day. It’s nice to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel!!

I’m 30 and in a third way through chemo, It’s good to get some good news.


Hi Mel,
I have not posted for a while either, but like you read the forums.
Thanks for your up-lifting message. Wonderful to hear that your Mum and friends are well, I pray that they continue to be clear.
As you say it is easy to be negative, when you are going through the battle against this awful disease.
Tomorrow I am having my 5th Chemo, I dread the side effects, but keep faith in the belief that the treatment will wipe out the bad cells.
I consider myself lucky to be having the benifits of modern medicine.
Best wishes to you and yours.
Sending love and hugs to Ax keep smiling.

Thank you so much for your generosity, yes we do need these positive messages!! 4th of 6 chemos, only 2 to go!!!

Carrie x

thank you for that positive message, it helps alot, sometimes its so hard to stay positive going through this treatment, & its so good to hear good news!!

im 32 on 4th chemo 2 to go!!

Fi xx