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Hi everyone …

 New here and just wanted somewhere whenre i can talk to lovely ladies who are going through the same thing... Had my 2.1mm lump removed on 3rd july.. results 2 weeks later were amazing .. clear margins and no lymph node involvement.. Today ive been to see my oncologist and he's now put me on a course of chemotherepy i will be having FEC chemotherepy 6 sessions over an 18 week period and then a 3 week break before i start a 3 week course of radiotherepy ...They did say that i would most deffinatley lose my hair which being a woman and a hairdresser is very scary for me .. so i wondered if anyone could advise me in do i go the cold cap route or just grin and bare it so to say..( currently have long bright red hair and its my crowning glory.. so do i go cold cap and no dyeing and killer roots for 6 month or more or amazing wig and a new startover after treatments finished ) no doubt when hair does fall out it will freak me out a little i'd be lying if i said it wouldnt but the minx n me is quite liking the idea of shaving it all off lol:womanvery-happy: 
Sooooooo i Just wondered if anyone else was on this treatment and how they have coped/coping with it and any helpful hints tips and advice would be great..
   Maxine :heart


Hi Maxine


Welcome to the forums, every one is lovely here and full of great advice and help.


I can’t help you with your chemo questions but you should join in one of the monthly threads where you can chat with people going thru it at the same time as you. One of the admin people will be along in a mo to give you a link to it.


In the meantime, all the best.



Hi jiordi

Welcome to the BCC forum where I’m sure you’ll find lots of support from fellow members.

This is the link Mary mentioned:


Very best wishes


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