Just wanted to say Hi

Hi everyone for those that dont know me I was diagnosed in September 2005 when I was 24, I had a mastectomy, reconstruction, chemo, radio, Herceptin and now just on Tamoxifen. I use to use this site everyday and it was such a great help to me, I have taken a long break from coming on here just because I use to be on it all day everyday and I thought it would be best to try to move on and not think about bc all the time. But i have missed it so thought I would come on again.
Also does anyone live in or near to Sutton and would like to meet up I live about 10 mins from the marsden and would love to meet up with any younger women as I am sure you know it is quite lonely.
Anyway take care love Clairemm x x

Hi Claire

As you know me already, you know i dont live near the marsden but wanted to say “HI” to you… havent seen you on here for ages… how are things going? I know what you mean when you say you are lonely, its hard isn’t it? I am lucky enough to have met some girls from my area from this site as you know, who i am still friends with 3 years on…they are a great support but have to say i get lonely still… i get sad and down when i think about my life and the life my friends have without bc.

Claire, i would hate to think of lil old you down there not having anyone to talk to… there are bound to be some younger ones in your area… are you in touch with any of the girls we met on the younger womens forum? Remember that? what a laugh we had eh? we were the loudest and naughtiest group there!

I dont think when you have had bc you can ever forget about it completely… if ever you are in my area or want to come up, you know you are more then welcome…

Do keep in touch Claire, PM me if you want my number and ever want to talk hun.



Hi Jakki thank you so much for your reply.
I am not intouch with any of the ladies we met on the weekend away. God we had such a laugh we were like naughty school girls laughing all the time. Wish they would let us go again.
How are things with you ? I would love to come and see you always seems to busy though am going back to work full time in Septmeber and we have such a bad class coming up they are probally the worst in the school and theya re only 5 LOL.
I will pm you ont he other site aswell take care Jakki x x
Love Clairemm

im 24, was diagnosed 6months ago, dont live in sutton but have all my ops there - im at the marsden on fulham road. if your ever in london…
nice to read you were 24 when diagnosed but now fine and getting on with things. i worked all through my chemo but am finding things really hard at the moment, found out the other day am prob gonna hav a bilateral mastectomy and am pretty scared. after 3years does the fear of secondaries fade? at the moment my fear is constant, every ache and pain, im paranoid…
cesca xx


I might be a bit old for you - as I’m now 36, but I look (and probably act) younger. I was DX last year in Dec and am still undergoing treatment. I live in London, so I am also looking for buddies.


Hi Cesca, sorry to hear you have also been diagnosed so young.I know it is hard to go through it at any age but when you are younger there are other issues we have to deal with. You asked me about the fear of secondaries and for some I guess the fear does fade, for me it hase’nt I worry everytime i have a pain or am ill. I dont like to keep running to the doctors all the time so I now wait a good few days and if I am still in pain or worried I go and see them.
I stood a high chance of a reacurrance I was told when dx so i guess that makes me worry even more. The problem with worrying is it can take over your life we could spend r whole lives worrying and be miserable and never have a reacurance and then look back and think I wish I had not worried all the time. A lady on here once gave me her way of dealing with it she only thought about it once day other than that she never did she didnt want to spend all day everyday thinking what if?
I wish you all the best with you operation and if you ever want a chat I am here to talk to. I was also treated at the marsden on fulham road but only when having the radiotherapy, the rest of my treatment was at St Georges in Tooting.
Do you have good support from family and friends, and also maybe go on the breast cancer care weeeknd away for younger women it is a great way to meet other young ladies and you get loads of info and support, I went and met a few ladies on here we had a FAB time wish I could go again.
Love clairemm x x

Hi guardianangel,
36 is not old I would love to meet up I am living in Sutton Surrey where are you from? maybe a few of us could meet up for lunch or something? are you working? unfortunatly I am going back full time this week and really not looking forward to it but I have been lucky to be able to only work part time for the past year as I wanted to ease myself back in to it and not over do it.
Anyway let me know about meeting up and anyone else who wants to meet up somewhere that is easy for all of us just let me know
Love Clairemm x x x

Clairemm and guardian angel,
thanks so much for responding both of you. i would definatly be up for meeting up sometime, i live in london and also work full time so i guess it would have to be a weekend… my only big commitment is the op coming up at the end of this month/begining of nxt.

thanks for your comments and kind words, thats a good way of doing it - allowing yourself to only think about it once a day. why did the doc’s think you had a high chance of recurrence? my docs wont give me a statistic but i keep worrying as have grade 3 and her+. but i didnt have any nodes affected so i guess i have that.
god damn it i hate this disease!
luckily i do have great support from my family, tho i hate to talk to them about my fears as i dont want to worry them - i think i almost worry about my mum more than i worry abt myself somtimes.
will have a think about the weekend away… thanks for the idea


Cesca - there is weekend for younger women happening this Oct (Ithink that’s right). We should go.


Cesca - i got it wrong, the next Forum is to be held in Reading - there is no london one soon. I think I am going to sign up for it.

hmm… im still deciding!! it might clash with my op anyway, will let you kno if i do sign up xx

Hi Ladies,

I live in Stoneleigh and i am under the Marsden in Sutton. I’m 31 and have just had a bi-lat mast and am due to start rads on 25th Sept for 5 weeks. I would love to meet up with some people who are of a similar age.
Hopefully hear from you soon


hi mel,
im at the marsden on fulham rd and afraid i only go to sutton for my op’s. not sure how we’ll all figure out how and where to meet but id be up for it if we could!
you say you just had a bi-lat mast - how did it go? i am thinking of going the whole hog myself but am a bit undecided. how have you found it? what recon did you have? any nasty surprises? sorry for all the questions, just cant make up my mind!
cesca xx

This is my first ever post…I hope you dont mind me joining in.

I’m 23 and was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month and a half ago.I’m being treated at charing cross hospital in Hammersmith London where I am also actually in the later stages of training to be a doctor. I will also be having genetic consultations at the Marsden (london).I would love to meet up with younger people as I havent so far met anyone less than double my age which although I actually feel pretty ok with things ,can be quite isolating. I have a great support network of friends most of which are medics ,however I dont know if this is a help or a hinderance sometimes as the tendancy is almost to hide behind technicial/clinical aspects of BC as this is familiar ground for both me and my friends (i dont know if this makes sense).Basically I need to stop being a medical student and allow myself to be a patient!

I am interested to hear about bilateral mastectomy as this is an option I am considering a long with genetic testing (i have no family history). Having just finished a BSc in Reproductive science this area is scarily familiar to me as a future doctor…the reality of it all is an entirely different story.I wondered if you could help me out??

Phew…that was long


Hi Mel,

I’m at St Barts in London, but would be keen to meet up.

Cesca - have you decided about Reading? I got the forms yesterday.

Claire - how are you doing? work ok?

ladies - as I’m currently not working, then I’m free to meet you guys, even just for a coffee.



Why don’t we arrange for a coffee soon, i’m more than happy to come in to London to meet up. Let me know your thoughts??

As for the questions about my surgery etc… please ask as many as you like. I have had expander implants put in and am back at the hospital tomorrow for my next lot of expansion (very funny experience). I haven’t found it too bad, a little sore but 4 weeks on i’m starting to feel for my like a woman again. The only thing that is a concern for me is the radiotherapy as there is a risk of ti damaging the implants. They have now moved my radiotherapy on a week due to the expansion (4 lots needed) so hopefully that will help with the healing and i am having 5 weeks as opposed to 3 in order to reduce the dosage. But defintely glad that i decided to go for the bi-lateral…

Hjane - i have to agree it can be a very lonely experience particularly as most people seem to be a lot older.


im definately keen to meet up, but i work full time (well, most of the time, having a week off this week)

mel - how come your having rads as well as a bi-lat mast? for me its a case of if i have a mast i wont have to have rads.
and what made you go for a bi-lat in the first place? - did you have lumps on both sides? or is one side preventative? sorry for all the questions, im still desperately trying to make a decision! - see my post in the surgary section!! and how are dealing with the numbness of the whole area? - does it bother you? did anything shock you that you wernt prepared for?

guardian angel - im afraid im not gonna do the forum in reading, im sure im quite ready for a ‘structured’ event like that! - if that makes any sense at all, i only started posting on here a few weeks ago and am still working up to go on a weekend away. sorry! i hope you have fun tho. would definatly be up for a few of us meeting for drinks or coffe tho.

hjane - you sound like your in a similar situtaion to me (age, no history) and location as well - i live in notting hill! would definatly be up for meeting up. and espesh to talk about the bi-lat option at such a young age if your thinking about it also - on one side would it be preventative? it is for me, am still trying to decide! i get my genetics results in about 3weeks, and the op - whatever it will be - is in about 5weeks


Hi ladies !

I would be up for meeting! am having my 2nd chemo on Monday 22nd and then am going to stay with my family in Yorkshire for a bit but I will be up and down to London for treatment and consultations.
I’m still living in my student house and am unsure what the arrangements will be for the rest of the year.

Cesca - How are you doing?So nice to find someone so close and in similar circumstances
Would you be up for meeting sometime this week as you are so close?(and infact anyone else around)Sorry its such late notice!
I havent yet had my genetic counselling etc but given my age I would probs be looking at bi-lat.I really just dont know what I’m dealing with yet or how much tests etc will help the situation.Only time will tell.

Mel - Expanders have been mentioned to me too.Was just wondering .How long after chemo did you have the mastectomy??How does the whole expansion process affect your day to day life?

Heather x

Hello there, thought I would butt in. I was am 6 weeks post-op fpr mast and LD Flap recon, ER+ so currently on Tamoxifen with Zoladex to follow…I live in Paddington (actually very close to Cesca so we have already met up once) and would be up for meeting. I f anyone is on Facebook, we can maybe all arrange it on there? You are most welcome to send me a private message and I will give you my full name, don;t think the moderators will allow it on the thread itself.

Cassie x

unfortunatly im not in london at the mo and wont be getting back untill sunday - if youve got questions/anxieties and would like to meet up before you go up north then im more than happy to meet you for a coffee/drink sun afternoon/evening otherwise do get in touch next time your down. ill PM you my name, feel free to add me on bookface, as cassie says we’ve already managed to meet up once and it really is so nice to meet other young people going through the same thing. hope your doing okay.
cesca xx

*guardian angel
im still thinking about that forum…!