just when you think its the end of treatment

Hi, i am 4 weeks post-mastectomy and have finished 4 xEC and 4x docetaxel on 9th dec. I have just had a phone call from oncologist asking me to go for a biopsy tomorrow morning on my central lymph node.(This node has been enlarged from the start) I obviously asked why? do they think its another cancer? and he said well we need to find out what the biopsy results are. I have just spoken to my BCN, bless her she rang me back after 5! She says that my oncologist was talking to a surgeon in the meeting and he said he could easily remove the central lymph node and that i would then not need radiotherapy to this area. The area is apparently very close to my heart and they dont want to zap that area if they dont have to. I know that i am lucky to be here, but just when you think all the big hurdles are behind you. Has anyone had a biopsy to the central node? Is it just like the other biopies? I feel sick with the thought of another operation, this is such a horrible disease.
sorry to waffle, i think the shock is easing a little now,
fingers crossed its good news
take care


Sorry you are having to go through this after thinking the main treatment was behind you. I don’t have an answer but I thought I would bump it up to the top for you, in case people who can help you haven’t seen it.

Good luck with the next step.

Ann x

Hi Anna, hope everything goes ok for you.
Love and hugs, Debbie. xx

Hi Anna
I’ve followed your progress on different threads and am sorry you have this hurdle. I hope it’s simple and straightforward. Warm thoughts. River x

Hi, I too have the same procedure hanging over my head, not sure yet if it´s going ahead or not starting chemo first… Good luck xxx Thinking of you Teresa xxx

Hi Sorry just adding I didn´t have MX but partial and full lymph under arm 22 nodes removed 16 cancerous… But it has apparantly spread into my I think they call it Mammory Gland, apologies if I have this wrong, I only ever take so much in, but we are going in full blast chemo and full on cocktail of drugs… maybe a diff procedure in Spain?

Keep me posted, Luv Teresa xxx

hi everyone, thankyou for your kind replies. I had some biopsies done today on central nodes and node in clavicle area. Fine needle aspiration came back as inconclusive, so had core biopsies done. i dont remember it hurting this much first time round. I am such a wimp, with the clavicle one, they got 1 biopsy then i got this big pressure on my throat, chest and shoulder, so they stopped, i wish i was more brave or at least more able to hide my fear. My OH was rubbing my feet all the way through bless him, id be lost without him. Im sorry to be such a misery but i just wish good news could stay good news without the twists and turns this disease seems to bring.

take care