Kadcyla v phesgo 2

The reason i asked my previous question is because my team are useless with giving information. Thats why i came to the forum to get the answers.
You closed down my question without answering and it wouldnt allow me to message you directly hence this post.
Wpuld it be possible to answer my question please to help me make an informed decision. Its looking like itll need to be made by Tuesday.
Thank you

Hello Luskentyre1,

Thanks for your further post.

Although the general forum posts stay open for ongoing discussion, we do close the nurse’s ones once we’ve responded as don’t have the resources to monitor further posts that may require a response from us. We do welcome follow up questions though either here, via our web submission form or the helpline and we do offer a call back.

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We understand your decision was needed by yesterday but hope the following is still useful.

The difference between Kadcyla and Phesgo is the Kadcyla contains trastuzumab and a chemotherapy agent, Phesgo contain trastuzumab and another targeted therapy pertuzumab. Here is more information about how Kadcyla works and here are the details of how Phesgo works.

It’s not that one is necessarily superior over the other. Someone will discontinue treatment if it is not working, causing side effects or they want to stop. Some side effects may not be noticeable but will be picked up in blood tests. You explain the suggestion of changing treatment is based on your liver function. You will see from the link above that Kadcyla can cause severe liver problems. If drawbacks are outweighing benefits a change will be advised.

When suggesting research papers, it helps to know as much as possible about someone’s individual situation so the most relevant can be searched for. You can search for research papers here or do get back to us to see if we can help further with this.

Some questions are best answered by someone’s treatment team which is why Heidi suggested this in our previous response. We were not aware you were unable to talk to them. This sounds difficult. Perhaps you could ask for a second opinion or seek support on how else to resolve this. The process for this varies according to where you are in the UK. One of the following may be helpful.



N. Ireland.


As you know this thread will now be locked but do get back to us through any of the ways mentioned above if you would like to talk this through.

Best wishes


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