Karen & Co.

Karen & Co.

Karen & Co. Hiya Girls
I took the plunge and started a new thread as Kim said. Now we will not have to go through such a long thread when we are trying to catch up. Sorry for my long email tonight but with the current circumstances you know how stressed i am at the moment. I don’t know what i would do without you girls. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that there will be some good news soon.
Hope that you are all doing well.
love and hugs

Hello Hello Karen2

Well done you for starting a new thread…Should not be really butting in on younger women page…being the old lady I am. …lol… I just like to pop into all the rooms now and again to see i can be of any support to anyone…
But then when BC attacks it does not take anyone’s age into consideration when calling on us. But I know what ever age we are, we all have a roller coaster ride of emotions through our journey to recovery.
It is wonderful to come here and find so much support. to be with people who understand, have a shoulder to cry on when feeling down, or if you want to rant and rave we all here to listen.
Anyway I wish you well and my fingers etc will be crossed for you for as long as you need…

Take Care


Hi International friend! Hi Karen

Thanks for starting the new thread… it was getting to be a pain having to scroll to the end of the old one wasn’t it?

Thinking about you at this worrying time for you… i have just emailed you and i will ring you to speak to you… we need to organise you coming over to England!!!

Take care and hope everyone else is ok…

Love Jak

Locked old thread Well done Karen for starting a new thrread.

I have locked the old thread. That means you can still read it but not post to it.

Best wishes and keep posting


Breast Cancer Care

Welcome Elaine Hi Everyone and a special welcome to Elaine.
Elaine, we are a friendly bunch and feel free to post whenever you like.
Thanks so much to everyone for your messages. I am feeling much better today as i have come to the realization of what will happen will happen and there is little i can do to change it. We just have to hope for good results. This cancer is the pits Every lump,bump,ache,pain or swelling much be checked and having test after test just wears you down. Well enough of that. It is going to be all good from now on!!
Chin up girls or in my case it is chins!!! Those cream eggs are really taking a toll on my svelt figure!!
Thanks so much for your offer Jak. I would love to come to England and see all of you. After all, we have abit of an incredible story. Who would have thought that we would have been brought together by this horrible disease across the miles. Through the laughter and tears and the joys and the sorrows, we have been here to support one another and have become such great friends. In some ways, because of the journey we have shared, it feels like we have been friends forever.
Well my lovelies i must pop off now
take care and will post again soon
lots of hugs

Thursday hello’s Howdy chicks!

How are you all today?

Nice sunshine again today… we gotta make the most of it as i saw that we are forecast snow showers mon/tues next week!

Karen - hope you got some good results… is it today you get them about the cough?? I hope you are feeling better, you have been so stressed of late…

Al - how are you today? Hope your feeling better too.

Hows everyone else?

Have we decided what date we are doing the race for life? We need to register pretty quick as spaces get taken up quite quickly…

What day are we going out again? And Have we made a decision on the tickets for Al’s show?

We are an indecisive lot aren’t we?

I’m not up to much today… cleaning… dog walking, washing… went to laura ashley earlier and picked up some wall paper samples as i want to re-vamp my house… needs re-decorating… sick of plain walls now and want to paper one wall in each room so it brings some life into my house! Got some gorgeous stuff in there… ive spent robs bonus before he gets it this month!!! ha ha!!

I’m cooking tea tonight for my parents as i wont see my mom on sunday for mothers day… they are getting my speciality of the month which is my claridges chicken pie… its lush!!! Its a Gordon Ramsey recipe and have to say i’m pretty good at this one if i say so myself!! i will have to cook it for you girls… hey… robins away soon on a conference so we could have a chick night at mine and i’ll cook! (veggie dish for our al)… what do you say?? i could even get my rather embarrasing wedding video out for a laugh!! I look about 15 years old on it!!

Karen - your right… it feels like we have known each other for ages… we are all so close now… bought together by this wretched disease but our strong bond will give us the fight to beat it and have many happy times ahead!!!

Going to go now as i’m getting all soppy now…

Love to you all and across the atlantic to our international friend…

Love Jak ( aka - domestic goddess!)

We could skip the race!! Not litrally! Couldn’t we just tell everyone we’d done it and go straight to the pub I can do a very good tired and worn out look! No - o.k. then either night will be ok with me so let’s decide and get registered.
I’ve got a liking for creme eggs this year haven’t eaten them for years.

Jakki I look forward to trying your pie. You’re all welcome at my house anytime but don’t expect to get fed unless it’s a take away or a very simple buffet!

Take care all

Have a great weekend Hi Everyone
Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful weekend. Whatever you are doing, enjoy and have a great one. I expect that each of you will have a very busy weekend planned but hope that you take time out to rest and have a cream egg.
No news on the CT front so still playing the waiting game.
Will talk to you all again soon and Happy Red Noses Day to you all!!!
love and hugs

Happy Mothering Sunday Ladies Hello my lovely friends,
Just thought i would pop on and wish you all a very Happy Mothering Sunday. I hope that you all had a wonderful time with your families.
Hope ya got lots of great food and a few pressies too!! You deserve them as you are all such a great group. Hope that Al and Jakki got something from Kappa, Daisy and Thornton too!!
I hope that you didn’t get the huge snow storm that they were forcasting for you. It has been lovely here and we were supposed to get a big storm coming up from New York but the wind shifted and it went up along the coast of Atlantic Canada.
Well my lovelies have a great week. Al, take care of yourself with dancing in your show this week. I worry about you and hope that your tens maching will ease those weary bones. Do we have any appts coming up this week? I know that Jak’s are the week after and Helen is waiting for BMD results and her mammo but I don’t know if anyone else has anything else coming up. Forgive me but my head has been in the shed of late and hope to have some news for you this week.
Fingers and toes crossed!!! Except for Al who will find it very difficult to dance with crossed limbs!!
lots of hugs to you all

freak weather Hi girls

Do we live in the artic? I cant believe how biting cold it is! Had quite a heavy snow shower last night here, it was white over… then today we have had rain, black black clouds, biting wind, hail, even bigger hail, snow and thunder!! whats that all about… as i type now… its hailing again!!! i’m afraid the hound has only had one walk today…


Al - Good luck for the show this week… will be thinking of you… looking forward to seeing you perform on thursday… hows the pain??

Kim - Have you fixed that computer of yours yet? And - NO we cant just go to the pub!!! You naughty girl… fancying suggesting that… that WILL come after we have done the race!! Ive set up my fundraising page today…

Helen- any results yet on your bone density scan? Have you booked any more holidays yet for this year? any news on the mammo?

Karen - any news on your scan? did you get the snow over there that you were expecting??

Julie - Has oliver settled in now over in Spain? Any reply to your letter to the hospital yet?

Julie(linros) - hi if your reading this… do join in with us…

Dont know if its the Taxotere still doing its work or the cold weather… but ive had some nasty bone pain all weekend… the sort i had whilst i had the taxotere… all in my legs and pelvis… and no appetite still… but think that may be linked to the arimidex as i read the leaflet today and its one of the side effects listed… Helen/Ju - does it affect you in this way?

well, best go, got to nip to morrisons…

Catch you all later


Hi girls Yes Jakki I can get into my emails again and I thought I could send them too did you get the one I sent last night Sunday? If not can you girls let me know.
Jakki sorry to hear about your pains I wonder if it is related to the cold weather the treatments affected our bodies so much that we all feel like pensioners must feel. I can’t get on to your sponser page but will try again later bound to be because I haven’t typed it in right!

Al enjoy the show look forward to seeing you perform on Thursday. Hope you got sorted out today.

Karen how are you doing? Hope they don’t keep you waiting much longer.

Jo don’t you work to hard this week are Ofsted around or have they already been and gone?

Julie hope all is well with you, have you had any appointments come through yet? Can you let me know what time I need to be at your house for on Thursday? Rob will meet me at yours to bring me home. Just thought don’t think you come on here much now so probably won’t see this - never mind I’ll text you incase my emails aren’t getting through.

Take care all


P.S. Hello to Julie (Linros )if you’re browsing which you probably aren’t because you had your op today.
Now I’m waffling so I will go


Good luck to our Al Just wanted to wish our Al good luck with the opening night of her show tonight. Now the world will also know that Al is a star!!
I would say Break a leg Al but those of us with BC know how dangerous this could be. You are a star Al and i am so proud to know you. Despite everything you have been through lately, you didn’t let it stop you. You thought the show must go on and you are truly inspirational.
Congratulations on opening night Al

Hello girlies Al you’re a real star. Good luck for tonight. It had better be perfect tomorrow - no pressure!

Love Kimxx

Super star Al Evening girls…

Just wanted to pop on and say hi… I cant wait to see Al in her show tomorrow… dont you be worrying about us in the audience either… just go out there and have a fab time…

Hope everyone is ok… been over to my sisters today… the drive did make me tired but had some lovely fun with Alex and read him some story books which seems to be his favourite thing at the moment…and had lots of kisses and cuddles… oh i’m getting all soppy again…

Did i tell you i had to ring the breast care unit again to chase my mammogram? I think i did… grr!!!

Julie/Kim - i’ll see you tommorrow night, thanks for offering to drive…

Helen - sorry you cant make it… hope your ok, is everything ok with you?

Karen - hope your ok too, me and you will have an anxious wait the first week in april eh? i’m trying not to think about it at all… suppose sunday night my nerves will kick in big time…

Right! who’s in charge of sorting our night out? lets get something organised…

Take care


I think it’s me I think I was delegated to sort our next night out but I have come to the conclusion it’s almost an impossible task. Do we want to try for before Easter or after?
It seems you haven’t been receiving my recent emails. Forgot what i wrote about,nothing of great importance. Except to say i think about you all, to wish Al good luck for the coming week and to be careful because it’s going to be hard going. Also to say I’m thinking of Karen while she waits for the scan. Take that earlier appointment if one becomes available. For your families and our sakes as well as yours.
Jakki I hope your’e not getting to anxious over your scans yet. I expect you will be next week though.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, we will miss you Helen. Karen wish you could join us as always.

Take care all


today… Hi ya

Just wanted to let Helen know i’ve been thinking about her today… hope you have been ok… i think you deserve a glass of wine tonight to celebrate how fab you are and for coming this far!! I really hope that today hasnt bought the nightmares flooding back and that you are able to look back now and think… Yeh! ive had it but look where i am now!! I raise a glass to you my friend! Wish you were coming tonight with us…

Al - great to see you today, your dogs are so entertaining… looking forward to seeing you dance on stage tonight…

Kim/Julie - i’ll see you in a bit…

Karen - hope your first day back at work wasnt too bad! I still cant believe how they have treated you!!!

Well, best go, got an M & S steak pie in the oven that needs tending to and i’m starving…

by the way, i had my appt through for my mammogram… well… monday the 26th is hospital day for me!!! its at 10.30am then i have to go to stoke for 12 for the injection, dr b at 3pm and then bone scan at 4pm! thats my monday gone…

Speak to you tomorrow and see some of you in a bit…

Love Jak

For Helen Just wanted to let you know that i was thinking about you today. I hope that you got through your anniversary day without any problems. I know how difficult these anniversaries can be. You are a true survivor and you have come a long way through all of the surgeries and treatment.
Hang in there my friend. You are such an inspiration and so wise!!
I know how many times that i have to come to you for info whilst we go along this breast cancer journey.
I hope all of you had a wonderful time at Al’s show tonight.
Has anybody heard how Julie(Linros) made out with her surgery?
Hope she is doing well also. If you read this, please let us know how you are doing
love and hugs to you all

Hi Girls Hi Girls
I just wanted to pop on and wish you all a great weekend. I know that this has been a difficult one for some of us but hope tomorrow is a better day.
Just thinking of all of you and will talk to you again tomorrow.
Good luck Jakki with your marathon of appts on Monday. I expect that by the time you have gotten home you will be totally knackered.
Let us know how you made out if you feel up to it
will email all of you later
lots of hugs

Our star Al Hi Ladies
i forgot to ask if anyone took any pics of our Al making her theatre debut. If you have any pics, could you please email me so i can see them. Like Helen said we both wished we could have been there and would love to see any snaps if we could
talk to you again soon