Kate is unwell

Hello all,

I had a text to-day from kate saying she is very unwell, on max oxygen, low blood protein and swollen legs- the doctors are very worried as she is getting worse each day and has been in hospital for a few days.

I know she has had crisis before and pulled through, so lets hope the very best for our friend.

love from sam (one of the gobby gang from the younger women’s forum)

I dont know Kate, but feel that I do from this site and her blog. I know a lot of people feel the same.
She has been much on my mind these last few days. Love, hope and prayers.Julie

Thinking of you and praying for you Kate

Love Debsxxx

I so hope Kate pulls through again. Sending all the good vibes that I can. She wrote me some lovely words when Lisa was so ill. She is a fighter so lets hope so.
Love Sue x

I would just like to echo what juliet66 has said.
Thinking of you Kate.love Mellx

Kate, I really hope you still have your fighting strength and manage to pull through again, am really saddened to hear that you are so ill, as I also follow your blog and your posts, and was hoping that one day we would actually get to meet when you were next visiting your sister.

Thinking of you and sending lots of love

Sending lots of stay strong vibes and prayers to Kate … she’s been my inspiration for as long as I’ve been on here

Love, Rebecca

Hope and pray with all my heart that Kate gets through this - she’s touched so so many people.

Sending love and strength to Kate and all her family.

Love Linda xx

Sending lots of love to Kate and all her loved ones,

Not sure what else to say really as words seem so inadequate,

Thinking of you Kate,


Sending huge (((((hugs)))))) for more strength to fight this batard thing!!

Thinking of you, Kate

With all my love

Anne xx

I would just like to add my best wishes for Kate. She is one brave, inspirational lady, and I hope she can get through this.

Sending gentle hugs.

Love and best wishes to Kate xxxxx

Thinking of you Kate



Wishing you well Kate you are such a special lady and an inspiration to many.

Sending love and hugs



Best wishes to Kate - hope there is an improvement soon.

Oh what awful news. Thinking of Kate and sending love and strength.


Keep fighting Kate, we are all with you spiritually.

Love and prayers


I have followed your story Kate,and believe you have the strength to pull through this latest pitfall in your battle.
Keep strong for your family


Dear Kate
I am thinking of you as are so many. You are a very popular and loveable lady so please get better quickly and come back to the forums.
Ruby xxxx

Kate, Hope you come through this. Miss your posts and our chats!