Kate is unwell

is this Dippykate ? please no I hope


Yes it is Terry, sorry.

Oh I am so sorry, she is very close to me ( virtually ) as my wife seems to be following her.

Be strong Kate



Just popping my face in as I noticed the blog hadn’t been updated for a while. Sorry to hear you’re in hospital and not feeling very well.

Thinking of you and hope the docs sort the problems you’re having ASAP. Don’t be afraid to give them a hard time if you think they’re slacking.


Just checked in on the blog and noticed not a recent post so was a bit worried. I really hope you feel better soon Kate. You’re such an amazing and inspirational person. Loads of positive vibes going your way. Hope to be reading your blog again soon

Much love and strength Anne xxx

Ive got my fingers crossed for you Kate and hope you are soon well enough to be back on here to tell us all you are OK.


thinking about u Kate get well soon

Kay xx

Started reading the Gobby Gang thread and couldn’t stop! Thought how lucky you were to have each other to will one another on through the bad times and I am sure that you will all be there for each other now,

All my very best wishes go to Kate and her family and friends, she is such a strong character and I hope everyones heartfelt good wishes will enable her to gain her strength and that she will feel much better soon.


Someone else already asked the question is this dippy? Well pissed off that it is and soooo sorry. Hope you pull through this one kid like you have before. We are all here hoping and wishing that we get one of your amazinginly incitful replies after a bounce back.

You are an absolute inspiration to us all. Take care chick.


Kate, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not well. I hope that you’re comfortable whilst the docs sort this out.
Sending love and positive vibes.

Kate, your posts have helped me think about a lot of things in the last year. I’m thinking about you now. Stay strong, girl!

L xxx

Sorry everyone yes it is dippykate. Will pass on all your messages. I will try and post latter with some news.


Thinking of you Kate and hope your feeling stronger soon

thinking of you today - and wishing you well - just think of all these positive thoughts coming your way - Jaynex

Hope you soon feel stronger, Kate, we are all rooting for you. Sammy that would be great to keep us all updated.

Love, Louise

Hope you find the strength you’ve found before Kate and get through this,

Karen xx

Thinking of you Kate - and your family.

Best Wishes Geraldine

Like so many people on these forums I feel I know you really well, though we have never met. You have been a real inspiration to so many. Please keep fighting and I really hope you start to improve shortly.
Lots of Love

I’m so sorry to hear this news and hope you’re feeling better soon. Thinking if you and your family.

Lynn x

Hi Kate,

Like many before me I do miss reading you posts - so keep strong and hopefully you will be posting soon!

Thinking of you